Dramatic stories of destroyed companies. “Inspections are like hunting for a fine”

Dramatic stories of destroyed companies.  "Inspections are like hunting for a fine"

– The justice system has completely failed to keep up with what is happening in business. Inspections are like hunting for a fine, he said during the premiere of the book “Hunting. How business is destroyed in Poland” by its co-author, Szymon Krawiec

The book “Hunting. “How Business is Destroyed in Poland” is a collection of eleven reportages about the fate of Polish entrepreneurs whose companies were destroyed by the inept actions of law enforcement agencies and the justice system. In many cases, wrongly accused had to wait several years for acquittals. Many of them were kept in custody.

Years of waiting for the verdict

– What I remember most is the story of Igor Gielniak, a man who was once one of the richest Poles and built a huge company. From one day to the next he had to part with her, he was ruined by officials and control aimed at destruction. Later, deep depression and even a suicide attempt – says Szymon Krawiec, co-author of the book.

Igor Gielniak waited several years for the acquittal. When he heard it, he suffered a massive heart attack. He never returned to business.

There are no guilty parties

As the book’s co-authors say, in none of the cases described were the officials held responsible for the false accusations and their consequences. The acquittal itself is often only a partial victory, because although the arrest and prosecution of a wealthy company owner usually takes place in the spotlight, the exoneration takes place in complete silence.

– I would call it a complete disregard for the fate of man. Being accused for a dozen years? It’s hard to imagine how one feels. Can you get used to it? I observed these defendants when I attended trials. There is a lot of making up for it, because these are strong people who made important decisions. But when they sat alone outside the courtroom, when no one was interested in them anymore, I think they felt terrible and certainly very lonely – says Helena Kowalik, co-author of the book.

Where can I buy the book?

The premiere of the book, combined with an author’s evening, took place on November 21 at 7:00 p.m. at the Actual Cultural Center. The meeting was attended by the authors: Helena Kowalik and Szymon Krawiec. The discussion was led by Mariusz Szczygieł, president of the Institute of Reportage Foundation, which organized the evening.

The book can be purchased, among others, in Inmedio, Relay, Świat Książki stores or at Empik.com. It will also appear in many other bookstores – stationary and online. It is also still available for purchase on our website at attractive prices and packages.

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