Don't ignore side effects of medications. See where and how to report them

Don't ignore side effects of medications.  See where and how to report them

Medicines help the body fight the disease. In some cases, however, they may also cause side effects. This fact should not be ignored. It is worth reporting it to help other patients in this simple way. Check where and how to do it.

An adverse drug reaction is all the adverse and unintended reactions of the body in response to the use of a given drug in doses recommended by a doctor or pharmacist. They can usually be observed already during therapy or shortly after its completion. It is worth emphasizing that side effects are often caused by preparations of plant origin, which many people consider completely harmless and safe for health. It is worth remembering that no substance remains completely neutral to the body and may cause side effects, for example in interaction with certain food or other pharmaceuticals. See where to report side effects of your medications.

Where and how to report side effects of medicines?

Adverse drug reactions can be reported by the patient, his or her legal guardian (e.g. parent), as well as by a pharmacist, doctor or paramedic. How he does it depends on his individual preferences. There are many different options to choose from, including the Threat Monitoring System available on the website: There is a form that you must complete, providing your data (age, gender, weight, height, etc.) and the most important information regarding your health condition and observed side effects of using the medicinal product. There are other solutions. You can also report side effects of medications:

  • via the ePUAP platform,

  • via the free Mobit Scanner mobile phone application,

  • by e-mail (just send an e-mail to (email protected)),

  • by phone at 22 49 21 301 (the hotline is open from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m., payment according to the operator's tariff).

Applications can also be sent by traditional mail. To do this, print the form, put the documents in an envelope, and place it in another outer envelope marked “Adverse drug reactions”. The form packed in this way must be sent to the address of the Department for Monitoring Adverse Reactions of Medicinal Products of the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products. Entities responsible for their production or distribution also provide the opportunity to report side effects of medicines. Information on this can be found in the leaflet of the given pharmaceutical.

What side effects of the medicine can be reported?

You can report all symptoms or reactions that cause concern and may be related to the preparations you are taking (even if they have expired or been used contrary to the intended use indicated in the leaflet). It is worth informing about the occurrence of side effects of medications. Such actions allow for updating data on the safety of a given productwhich is important for the well-being of all patients.

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