Dog tax will increase. Who will pay more for a pet?

Dog tax will increase.  Who will pay more for a pet?

Dog tax will increase in 2024. How much will the mandatory pet fee be and who will pay more?

  • What is dog tax?
  • Who pays the dog tax?
  • How much is the dog tax?
  • Who doesn’t have to pay dog ​​tax?

Dog tax is one of the mandatory fees that will increase from 2024. The difference will be significant, but it will not affect everyone. Who will pay more for a pet and how much?

What is dog tax?

Dog tax is a local tax levied by some local governments on dog owners. Its purpose is usually to cover the costs related to maintaining cleanliness in public places, financing animal shelters or other activities related to the care of dogs in a given commune or city. The amount of this tax and the rules for collecting it may vary depending on local regulations.

Who pays the dog tax?

Dog tax in Poland is not mandatory. It is regional – the local government decides whether there is a fee for having a dog in a given commune. If the commune decides to introduce it, the dog owner is obliged to register the animal with the appropriate office and pay the appropriate tax. The amount of tax and details regarding its payment are determined individually by each commune in its regulations.

How much is the dog tax?

The maximum fee for owning a dog is regulated by the Ministry of Finance. In 2023, the maximum tax amount for a dog was PLN 150.93, but it is already known that it will be higher next year. In some regions of the country, pet owners will pay PLN 23 more than currently. From January 1, 2024, some dog owners may pay as much as PLN 173.55 per year.

It is worth checking with the local office to find out whether there is a dog fee in a given commune and how much it is.

Who doesn’t have to pay dog ​​tax?

Persons who:

  • have a certificate of severe disability

  • they have a certificate of any degree of disability, and the dog is an assistance dog

  • are over 65 years old and run their own household.

Farmers who pay agricultural tax on agricultural land with an area larger than 1 hectare or 1 conversion hectare are also eligible for exemption from the fee for one or two dogs.

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