Customers decide to buy second-hand. More than half of Poles prefer to buy cheaper

Customers decide to buy second-hand.  More than half of Poles prefer to buy cheaper

First, the pandemic, and now the high prices have changed the habits of Poles. Consumers do not want to overpay and more and more often buy used things. You don’t have to pay a fortune for branded items – this is the opinion of more than half of buyers. According to experts, re-commerce is gaining more and more popularity every year. This form of shopping is a cheaper alternative to going to shopping malls.

A large housing estate in Warsaw. There was a queue of about a dozen people in front of a thrift store. Most of the women are regular customers of the store, including pensioners, middle-aged people and teenage girls. Everyone is waiting for a new delivery of goods.

They are replacing chain stores with local second-hand shops. “It’s much cheaper here”

One of the people who dresses in the popular second-hand shop is Joanna, a 40-year-old sales representative. As she admits, two or three years ago she bought branded clothes in well-known chain stores. Last year, she visited a second-hand shop for the first time.

Two years ago, my husband and I bought a flat on credit. Initially, the installment was 1.9 thousand. PLN per month, later increased to over 4 thousand. zloty. We had to save as much as we could to avoid debt – says. – I traded chains for a local thrift store. Instead of expensive blouses or dresses, I buy used clothes at a fraction of the price I used to pay he adds.

The woman points out that clothes in very good condition can be bought for a few or several zlotys. She adopted a slightly different strategy when buying clothes for children. – I am looking for used clothes on classifieds websites. I pay a third of the price for designer jeans or shirts in good condition, sometimes even less. It’s much cheaper here he adds.

The sale of used clothes has become an alternative to going to shopping malls

Adrianna, who is an insurance agent in a large international company, speaks in a similar tone. – My daughters buy fashionable but used clothes online. The main reason is affordable prices. They often find something of value for little money – claims.

They search for dresses, skirts or blouses at bargain prices, wear them for a while and sell them at the same price they bought them for he adds. In her opinion, this form of shopping for clothes has become a cheaper alternative to going to shopping malls. Similar opinions are confirmed by both specialists from various industries and numerous sales reports.

According to experts, re-commerce is becoming more and more popular every year. “Already more than half of Poles prefer to buy used things, regardless of the category and value” – this is the result of the latest research conducted by the Mindshare media agency together with the OLX website. “Companies have carefully analyzed what factors determine the popularity of a purchasing platform that stands out from others in terms of the offer of second-hand products” – we read in the report.

More than half of customers prefer to buy a used item. They don’t want to overpay

The sales website gathers over 13.7 million real users. As much as 61 percent of respondents declare that they buy second-hand products, and more than half (53%) do it more often than a year ago. Almost every seventh respondent (15 percent) decides to buy a cheaper product online because, according to buyers, the price of a new item is too high.

The research shows that for every fifth user of the website – 20%, the price and the possibility of saving are the factors determining the choice. Interestingly, for many people it is important to be able to purchase unique products, i.e. those that are no longer produced (16%). According to buyers, ecological aspects and care for the natural environment are also important – this is what 13 percent think. respondents, as well as a wide selection of available items – 10 percent.

We carefully check used items. We review opinions and comments

Consumers most often decide to buy used items in the automotive category. 17% are looking for used vehicles or car parts. users. It was followed by home and garden accessories (14%), clothing (13%), electronics (12%) and sports equipment (7%). The very selection of used items online is only the first stage of shopping.

Before consumers finalize a transaction on a sales platform, many of them compare prices with other offers posted online. The most important issue that buyers most often pay attention to in the context of the order is the compliance of the product with the description and photo. Almost one in four respondents (27%) say so. But that’s not the end.

Every ninth customer searches for the cheapest offer or wants to negotiate the proposed price. In turn, 12 percent of respondents review the opinions and comments of other users before purchasing.

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