Death of three tourists during safari. They were shot by terrorists

Death of three tourists during safari.  They were shot by terrorists

The attack took place in a popular national park. The media reports the death of three people, including one European.

Three people were killed as a result of an attack by United Democratic Forces (ADF) fighters in Uganda. The victims went to Queen Elizabeth National Park for a popular safari in the region, i.e. trips in a 4×4 car with the opportunity to view wildlife. Their car was completely burned by terrorists. This is another recent report of serious attacks caused by Islamic militants after the attack in Brussels. Tourists were also evacuated from a popular Paris attraction this week.

Attack on tourists

A group of tourists was attacked by fighters from a group linked to the Islamic State. The victims include a Briton, a South African citizen and a driver from Uganda. The group’s car burned down in the park after a terrorist attack in the East African country. According to the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), which manages the park named after the late queen, the three were traveling with local tour company Gorilla and Wildlife Safaris.

“UWA has informed the Uganda Police and other security agencies who are working diligently to establish the exact sequence of events leading up to this terrible incident and identify those responsible,” a spokesman for the organization said. A police spokesman described the attack as “cowardly” after the attackers fled the scene.

This is not the first attack in the region

The ISIS-linked ADF group has previously been accused of numerous massacres, including attacks that killed dozens of students and kidnappings of foreign tourists. In June, ADF fighters killed 42 people, including 37 students from a secondary school in western Uganda. “We express our sincerest condolences to the families and loved ones of the victims and join them in their sadness at this difficult time. We are working with local authorities to establish more details. We are ready to support the government of Uganda,” said the park’s spokesman.

In Queen Elizabeth Park you can meet countless mammals, such as elephants, buffalos, topies and hippos. The biosphere area is located on the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, between Lake Edward and Lake George. Unfortunately, according to the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “It is dangerous to travel after dark and at night due to the poor condition of the roads and the risk of attacks. Due to frequent thefts, tourists are advised to be especially careful. Cars are robbed in parking lots and while stuck in traffic jams.

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