Death of a tourist in the Tatra Mountains. A backpack and later a body were found

Death of a tourist in the Tatra Mountains.  A backpack and later a body were found

The young man most likely fell from a height. He climbed one of the popular small peaks near Zakopane.

Rescuers of the Tatra Volunteer Emergency Service were notified by one of the tourists about finding an abandoned backpack near the trail to Nosal. Thanks to the search, the body of a 35-year-old man was located 40 meters below. According to preliminary findings, the tourist died as a result of a tragic fall from a height.

Fatal accident on Nosal

Nosal is a small mountain (1,206 meters above sea level) located in the Western Tatras, just above Kuźnice in Zakopane. Despite the relatively low altitude, dangerous incidents have occurred here in the past. According to the latest reports, on March 5, a tragic accident occurred on the trail leading to the peak. One of the tourists accidentally found an abandoned backpack and immediately notified the TOPR unit. After a short search, the tourist's body was found 40 meters below the lost object. According to the preliminary investigation, the man died as a result of falling from a height.

A 35-year-old man has died

On March 6, Tygodnik Podhalański reported the tragedy, and Asp. staff. Roman Wieczorek, spokesman for the Zakopane police, confirmed the published information. The identity of the victim is still being verified – however, it is known that he was a man around 35 years old and did not come from Podhale. It is not known whether the man was prepared for the expedition to the mountains. Currently, the avalanche danger level in the Tatra Mountains is level 2, which is considered moderate. “Moving requires the ability to assess the local avalanche risk, select the appropriate route and maintain basic safety measures on all steep slopes,” we read on the TOPR website. Icy trails are also a big problem, as they can cause slipping and, as a consequence, accidents and even death.

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