The owner of the center at Marywilska published an official announcement regarding the future of the halls

Shares of the owner of the center at Marywilska down.  The statement helped limit the damage

The management board of Mirbud, the owner of the hall at 44 Marywilska Street, announced in a stock exchange announcement that it will rebuild the destroyed hall.

The announcement with the decision to rebuild was published late on Sunday evening. However, it does not contain additional information on the size of the future shopping center and whether existing tenants will have priority in concluding contracts. There were nearly 1,400 retail outlets in the burned center. It is not known whether the new one will be of a similar size.

What's next for Marywilska 44?

In turn, the city hall announced on Sunday that it would provide help to people injured in the fire at Marywilska 44 hall in Warsaw. – Today we are focusing on securing the arena area, but we will immediately start analyzing it – emphasized Monika Beuth, spokeswoman for the city authorities.

She noted that it was too early to provide detailed information. The capital city owns the land on which the halls and a huge parking lot stood. Mirbud only leased this area. There were rumors that the city wanted to regain the land and sell it to the developer, which is why – and this is where the conspiracy theory begins – it played a role in the arson. Officials deny that the city took steps to regain the land.

In the announcement, Mirbud also wrote that the assets of Marywilska 44 are insured. The relevant services will now determine the circumstances of the incident. “The issuer will inform about the results of the above proceedings as well as the estimated impact of the event on the financial results of the Mirbud Capital Group in subsequent reports,” the listed company added.

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