Carriers have a grudge against the media, so they protest in front of TVN. It’s not a coincidence

Carriers have a grudge against the media, so they protest in front of TVN.  It's not a coincidence

Last week, carriers protested in front of the Prime Minister’s Office. They regret that no one came to them. On Tuesday, they moved to another location and hope that journalists will not ignore them.

Transport companies resent the media for paying little attention to their problems. For this reason, they decided to protest in a place where a large television station and news service would not be able to ignore their anger. Thus, on Tuesday they occupied the two extreme lanes at ul. Wiertnicza, on the green belt between Augustówka and ul. Łowicza – i.e. near the TVN headquarters. They had permission to park the cars and did not block the traffic.

The war and closed borders hit carriers

And what demands did truck drivers come to the capital with on Tuesday? Due to closed borders, our drivers have lost access to eastern markets, and due to sanctions, they have less goods to deal with. Moreover, they are unable to compete with companies from the East.

– Ukrainian carriers perform operations to which they have no right, offering rates that are below our costs. That’s why we demand the return of permits for commercial transport. The transport of military cargo and humanitarian aid should continue under the existing rules, but all commercial activities should be regulated – said Jacek Sokół, a protest participant, in an interview with “Rzeczpospolita”.

The government promised help to carriers, but they claim they have not received it. They want to meet with government representatives. A week ago they protested in front of the Prime Minister’s Office and no one came out to them.

– Carriers are not ready to protest, but we cannot wait any longer for action. Foreign capital is destroying the market, freights are calculated in such a way that the Polish carrier has no chance of winning orders – added Jacek Sokół.

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