The first change to keyboards in years. We’ll get a new key

The first change to keyboards in years.  We'll get a new key

Windows PC users will soon witness a small but crucial change to their keyboards. Microsoft will introduce the Copilot key.

Microsoft announced the first change in the keyboard layout in years. Users need to say goodbye to the right CTRL button. Its place will be replaced by Copilot.

Microsoft introduces the Copilot key

“Co-pilot” is intended to introduce Windows 11 users to a completely new era of using computers and the Internet. In this way, Microsoft wants to bring users closer to artificial intelligence solutions. The key is supposed to connect with Microsoft’s Copilot AI, a virtual assistant for every user of the American giant’s software, with one touch.

The key will replace the right CTRL button, i.e. it will be placed between the one with the Windows symbols and the arrows. Interestingly, the company has already reached agreements with many external keyboard manufacturers. This will be important not only from the point of view of portable computers, but also PCs, for which the market for peripheral accessories – including keyboards – is exceptionally extensive. Players especially know this very well.

We are expected to see the first computers and keyboards with the new button during the upcoming CES 2024, which will take place in January.

Copilot will help, but not everyone

The Copilot utility, which will be available with a single tap of the keyboard, is intended to help users operate their computer with simple commands. It will also enable the creation of text and graphic content based on Microsoft’s AI.

It will be a tool built into Windows 11 that will help you write a short text, answer an e-mail, extract the most important data from a long study, or create Instagram Reels.

In countries where Copilot is not yet available, e.g. Poland, the new key will refer to the Windows system search engine.

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