Beata Szydło thunders at a meeting in Pułtusk. She referred to Donald Tusk

Beata Szydło thunders at a meeting in Pułtusk.  She referred to Donald Tusk

Beata Szydło spoke at the meeting in Pułtusk, among others: about the condition of the EU and Polish MEPs who come from the opposition. The former prime minister also mentioned Donald Tusk.

On Tuesday, August 29, Beata Szydło visited the residents of Pułtusk. The former prime minister and current MEP devoted a large part of her speech to reviewing the EU. – Today we must be aware that the decisions made in Brussels also concern each of us. And it’s not as colorful as some people think, she continued.

Beata Szydło further cited the statements of opposition politicians who argue that “the current government is in conflict with the EU.” – We didn’t have any conflicts with anyone. We defended our own interests and pointed out the madness of European elites. We talked about the fact that we cannot implement programs that are aimed against Europe, against Europeans, argued the MEP.

Beata Szydło at a meeting in Pułtusk. “The elections will decide the future of Poland”

Beata Szydło also made several critical remarks towards Polish MEPs representing the opposition. – To be honest, I have not met MEPs from other countries who would attack their own country as much as, unfortunately, those who stayed do – I will repeat once again: those elected in Poland are supposed to represent and take care of Poland’s interests. And they do something completely different, she said.

The former prime minister emphasized that the MEPs she mentioned come from parties such as PO or PSL, i.e. Polish groups that also field candidates in elections to the national parliament – elections that “will decide the future of Poland.”

Beata Szydło thunders: Whoever undermines the democratic choice of citizens is not a patriot, he is a traitor

– Today they talk a lot about how they love Poland and what patriots they are. It is not enough to stick a paper heart on a white shirt and say you are a patriot, said Beata Szydło, referring to Donald Tusk. These words were followed by loud applause.

– The person who first glued this heart to himself was once the Polish Prime Minister, then the head of the European Council. I was the Polish Prime Minister then, when he was the head of the European Council, when the Polish government began to be attacked. Poland began to be attacked because the government represents Poland, is elected in democratic elections by Poles, and anyone who undermines this democratic choice of citizens is not a patriot, is a traitor – she continued during the meeting in Pułtusk.

Beata Szydło emphasized that politics is about clashing views. – We may differ in our views. This is what politics is all about, this is what democracy is all about, this is why there are different parties, to have different programs, different visions of Poland’s development, to have debate and discussion. And Poles choose those who, in their opinion, will best represent their interests. If you were once the Polish Prime Minister, even if I strongly disagree with those currently in power, it is my duty to defend Poland’s interests to the end, especially abroad, said the MEP.

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