A building on a holiday island collapsed. 4 people dead

A building on a holiday island collapsed.  4 people dead

Four people died and at least 27 were injured in the Palma disaster. One restaurant collapsed in the party district.

An evening party on the terrace of a bar in Majorca ended in tragedy. Four people died as a result of the collapse of the terrace and then the entire building structure. 27 guests of the restaurant were injured, including sixteen people who suffered serious injuries. Everything seems to indicate that too much weight was the cause of the disaster in the popular party district.

The restaurant building collapsed

On May 23, around 8:30 p.m., a shocking tragedy occurred in the capital of the Spanish island. In the middle of Palma's tourist, party district, one of the restaurants collapsed. The two-story building of the Medusa Beach Club bar suddenly collapsed, trapping guests inside. The services immediately arrived at the scene and started the rescue operation. Rescuers were called by residents who heard a loud bang and the screams of the injured. Unfortunately, four people could not be saved – three tourists and one holiday worker from abroad. The remaining injured took many hours to be extracted from the ruins of the building. Ultimately, at least 27 people were injured, including sixteen with serious injuries who were taken to hospitals in Majorca.

Too much weight

According to the first reports, the cause of the accident was the excessive weight of people on the restaurant terrace. After the balcony collapsed, the entire building structure collapsed. “This morning, several technicians from the Majorca City Council will go to the scene to confirm the cause of the collapse,” we read. The disaster occurred just at the beginning of the tourist season, which in the capital of Majorca is a particularly demanding time for local services and residents who regularly protest against too many arrivals of foreign guests.

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