72-year-old Jane Seymour in a surprising confession. “I’m having the most passionate sex of my life”

72-year-old Jane Seymour in a surprising confession.  "I'm having the most passionate sex of my life"

The famous actress opened up about intense experiences in the bedroom. Jane Seymour made a spicy confession and revealed her secret.

Jane Seymour became famous years ago as a Bond girl from “Live and Let Die” and the series “Doctor Quinn”. She is now a grandmother and has recently fallen in love again. Now she has written a column for the online edition of Cosmopolitan magazine and surprised her fans. The 72-year-old revealed the details of her bed life.

Jane Seymour on sex after 70

Jane Seymour was born on February 15, 1951 and came of age during the sexual revolution of the late 1960s in swinging London. Despite this, she recalls that for a long time she was a relic of the previous very conservative era, which is why she couldn’t imagine enjoying life as a single person. She was raised to believe that the measure of her worth is the right man by her side. Ultimately, she had four husbands.

I’m 72 years old and have spent most of my time on this planet in relationships. Whenever I was with someone, I never thought about myself. He was always the most important. I gave him the reins and power over myself. I thought to myself: “Well, this is how the world is arranged, they rule and know better”, even though I was earning more money and had a bigger career – she wrote in “Cosmopolitan”.

Jane Seymour experienced her last divorce in 2015 – after 22 years of marriage to the actor, director and film producer James Keach, with whom she had twins. Last year she found another love, or rather was matched by her son and the son of her current boyfriend. Since October last year is dating rock musician John Zambetti, who is a year older than her. In her column, Dr. Queen admitted that she had finally found a man who did not take over her and that with him she had rediscovered the joy of sex.

Only now, after menopause, did I get to know my body. (…) Sex is more wonderful and passionate than ever because it is built on trust, love and experience. It’s not like when you were younger. I suppose that even today, among the younger generation, people have sex first and then say, “By the way, hello. How are you?”. The older I get, the more sex is associated with emotional intimacy, sharing life’s ups and downs, mutual feelings, joys and sorrows – admitted Jane Seymour.

The actress wants to give women faith that sex does not end with age. She noted that sex life and aging “are stigmatized,” but realized that “life can only become better when you have an open mind and listen to your body and yourself.”

Your intimate life doesn’t have to end just because you are 50, 60 or 70 years old. (…) It’s really crazy, because I’m a mature woman with experience, but I feel like a teenager. Seriously, sex is currently the best of my life. And there’s a bonus: I don’t have to worry about getting pregnant, she concluded.

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