6 Steam games to check out for free. Here are some interesting facts about the platform

6 Steam games to check out for free.  Here are some interesting facts about the platform

New games have recently appeared on Steam to check out for free. There are as many as six titles and preliminary versions available, including shooters, horror games, and even a melee weapons simulator.

Steam offers many free gameplay options, and some interesting new features have recently appeared on the gaming platform. If you have some time and want to try a few different productions, the following titles seem worth your attention.

The Finals – beta of a new online shooter

For the next few days you can check out the beta of the shooter The Finals. This is a quite refined FPS title that offers emotional matches in an environment that we can destroy at will. The goal is to defeat other teams and get to the title Final. At the beginning of the beta tests, the game outperformed titles such as GTA 5 and Baldur’s Gate 3 on Steam.

The creators from Embark Studios announced that the servers will close on Sunday, November 5. It is true that the title will ultimately be a Free to Play game, but we will have to wait for the official premiere.

Teleforum – Free Horror Game on Steam

Another proposal is Teleforum, whose atmosphere fits very well into the recent Halloween period. The title is a found-footage horror film in which we discover recordings that may freeze your blood in your veins. The entire style of the game is also reminiscent of the era of VHS tapes.

Our role is to visit the widow of journalist Walter Martins. He was recently supposed to end his own life during the broadcast of the last episode of the withdrawn show – the title Teleforum. Players will have to discover the secrets of this case and find the cursed tape.

Half Sword – an unusual dueling simulator

If horror movies aren’t for us, we can check out Half Sword. This is an interesting proposition, although for now only in the demo version. The core of the gameplay is based on the laws of physics, and therefore sometimes slightly absurd fights of medieval knights.

The battlefield, armor and weapons are reproduced in detail and have their own weight and proper momentum when struck. The controls can be complicated, making the game resemble a combination of Chivalry and the legendary QWOP.

Mad King – a crazy PvP card game

The next proposition has a little less action, but you need to use your head. Mad King is an online card game whose format differs slightly from the classics. One-on-one duels are standard in games like Hearthstone. Here, apart from them, we can count on 2v2 clashes and even 5-player game modes.

In the free version of Mad King: Prologue, players can count on a foretaste of what the full production will offer. There you will be able to choose from over 30 heroes with various skills and, of course, a sea of ​​cards with as many as 24 subtypes.

Sky: Children of the Light – a slightly different MMO

Few companies are trying to create MMO productions today, but when the creators of the phenomenal Journey do it, it’s worth taking a closer look. The game was initially released on mobile systems, and now it is coming to Steam. Currently, a demo version of the multiplayer adventure is available free of charge.

In the title, we play as the titular Child of Light, who has lost his memory and is thrown into the fabulous world of Sky. During the game, we can explore beautifully designed worlds, and great importance is also placed on social interactions with others we meet.

Together with other players, we explore worlds and complete tasks, but the game does not focus so much on experience levels, equipment or killing monsters.

Backpack Battles – organizing strategy

Interestingly, Backpack Battles is one of the most sought-after game demos on Steam. Full production is not scheduled for release until April 2024, but it already seems worth watching and checking out for yourself.

The gameplay consists of turn-based organization of your own equipment so that it can accommodate the items found by the player. These often have unusual shapes, and various pieces of equipment can be combined to create more advanced artifacts.

As the name suggests, there is also a battle element in the title. We also duel with other players, and the victory depends on the strategy we have adopted and, of course, how well we have organized our backpack.

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