Kosiniak-Kamysz for “Wprost”: We must be ready for various scenarios. No funds were secured for purchases for the army

Kosiniak-Kamysz for "Wprost": We must be ready for various scenarios.  No funds were secured for purchases for the army

– We need to strengthen the state's defense as quickly as possible, because funds for purchases for the army have not been secured. We have a proposal to create drone and medical troops. As a society, we must have first aid training. We will give everyone who is interested the opportunity to undergo military training, says Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Defense Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz in an interview with “Wprost”.

Joanna Miziołek, “Directly”: Volodymyr Zelensky appeals to Donald Tusk for a meeting at the border. How do you plan to deal with Polish-Ukrainian relations in the face of the grain problem?

Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz: First of all, I understand the farmers who are protesting across Europe. Various events led to this. This is about the Green Deal introduced by Janusz Wojciechowski, which he was proud of two years ago. The second issue is the uncontrolled transport of food products from Ukraine. They are unfair competition for Polish and European agriculture. This is not only the result of the protest of Polish farmers, but also of European farmers. I would expect the Ukrainian side to understand that the Polish side has helped Ukraine enormously, but it cannot close its eyes to the problems of its citizens who express them today. This is a serious issue that must be resolved at European level. There should be a change to the Green Deal and changes to the rules regarding the transport of products from Ukraine.

So a bilateral agreement between Poland and Ukraine?

I am in favor of a bilateral agreement. Our predecessors failed in this matter because the Bulgarians and Romanians concluded such an agreement. We have to make up for it and we have very little time.

The Polish consul in Lviv apologizes to Ukrainians for the protests of Polish farmers. He writes about disgrace.

I do not agree. Let's see who is making money from Ukrainian grain. The aid does not go to individual farmers in Ukraine.

So who's making money?

These are big corporations. They profit from it. Most of these corporations do not have Ukrainian capital. Let's not reduce everything to the denominator of support in war, because this is where development is taking place. If we want rules, let's establish ones that are accepted by both parties, not forced by one of them. We will help in military and humanitarian matters because this is how we strengthen our security.

The mood is getting worse. The scandalous banner of Polish farmers does not helpfor Putin to sort things out with Ukraine, Brussels and our government.

I don't know if this is a banner of Polish farmers. I think this is a provocation. I appeal to Polish farmers not to be drawn into Russian propaganda.

Are we ready for war?

Each scenario must be considered and Poland should be prepared for each.

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