6 games to pick up on Steam. There’s plenty to choose from

6 games to pick up on Steam.  There's plenty to choose from

As many as six different games are waiting for users in the Steam store for free. Players can enjoy quite a diverse set, from multiplayer to strategic to racing games.

The Steam digital distribution platform has been full of free titles in recent days. It is true that these are slightly smaller productions, not the usually expensive hits of large companies. It’s hard to beat a price of PLN 0.

Free games on Steam – Boti adventure and Chasemaster racing

The first of Boti’s proposals: Byteland Overclocked. This is a title from the genre of 3D action platform games in which we play the role of a sweet robot – the titular Boti. The gameplay involves skillful movement in space, jumping on wobbly platforms, gliding and overcoming increasingly complex obstacle courses.

Second on the list, Chasemaster is a racing game with quite simple graphics. The idea is to complete the mission as quickly as possible as a getaway driver who must ensure the safety of mysterious agents. There, we will have to escape from the police numerous times, during which we will have to show dexterity and quick thinking.

Another title offered on Steam is Zombiflux: Sleepless War. It’s a strategy game similar to many mobile titles. In a zombie apocalypse, we must manage our colony of survivors and develop our base, while fighting hordes of the undead in real-time skirmishes.

Emergency, Waven and Labyrinth Trials free on Steam

An interesting title from a series that has been popular for a long time is Emergency. In a more realistic strategy, we play the role of a rapid response service operator and control fire brigades, police and paramedics during various crises in a large metropolis and beyond. In a number of story missions, we must efficiently cope with, among others: with fires, explosions, road accidents and other situations.

Waven presents a different approach to strategy. In the magical world, players can choose their character and assign them various skills, and then take on challenges in a multiplayer PVP game. The production is currently in Steam Early Access and is to be gradually developed.

The last title offered is Labyrinth Trials. In a 2D platform game, we have to get through the levels as quickly as possible. The title was created especially for speedrun fans who try to set the best possible times in subsequent challenges.

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