Today is the premiere of Paranoid. Here is the trailer for the game from the Polish studio

Today is the premiere of Paranoid.  Here is the trailer for the game from the Polish studio

Paranoid is another Polish game that is starting to represent our country on the global market from today.

Paranoid This is the second survival horror game from the Bydgoszcz studio Madmind, which in mid-2018 released another production in a similar atmosphere, titled Paranoid.

On the occasion of today’s premiere of the latest game by Madmind, the following trailer was prepared, and from the first seconds of its duration, it is not without reason that we can learn what the four most common symptoms of… schizophrenia are.

Paranoid – premiere trailer

In the above Paranoid trailer, the narrator talks about schizophrenia because this serious mental illness suffers from the game’s main character, Patrick Calman, who is in the state of the titular “paranoia”. This is certainly why he thinks he received a call from his missing sister. All members of his family disappeared in mysterious circumstances thirteen years ago, but when hope appears in his head thanks to a message from his sister, he decides to abandon his life of isolation and go in search of answers to the questions that torment him.

In a nutshell, the latest game by the Bydgoszcz studio Madmind tells the story of mental illness and an attempt to cope with an unregretted loss in an extremely dark way. All this is a plot pretext to present scenes of brutal gameplay, which is, of course, intended only for adults.

Next year we will play on consoles

The console port of the game is scheduled for 2024 and will be released thanks to the work of RedDeer Games studio. For now, Paranoid has its premiere on Windows PCs and for PLN 115, the game is available on many popular platforms, such as Steam, Muve, GoG, HubleStore and Fanatical (premiere in the Epic Store soon).

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