This holiday belonged to him. Who is the new cat meme king?

This holiday belonged to him.  Who is the new cat meme king?

A cat sitting at the table, a cat grimacing at the vegetables, or maybe a cat and a woman shouting at it? No matter how you search on Google, you will always come across the same character. This is Smudge the cat, who has become a real cat king of memes in recent months.

Smudge has almost 700,000 followers on Instagram. followers – probably more than your most frequently traveled friend. You can see him there in various situations where finally no one is shouting at him. A quick look at these photos will tell you that Smudge doesn't like vegetables, and that he's a surprisingly pretty cat for such a frequent meme hero.

His career started in June last year. He then appeared as a “confused cat sitting in front of a plate of vegetables.” It was only on May 1, 2019 that this image was combined with a screaming woman – an out-of-context frame from “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” from 2011. To say that this compilation made a great career is an understatement. On Twitter alone, without any captions, the montage received 78,000 likes. retweets and 276 thousand likes.

Once the avalanche of memes started, it was impossible to stop it. In our gallery you will find several examples of memes with Smudge and the screaming woman. We also added a handful of photos of the cat itself from his Instagram profile. Nice watch.

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