There is a new verdict in the reprivatization shark case. “Sign, dear aunt”

There is a new verdict in the reprivatization shark case.  "Sign, dear aunt"

Marek M., the shark of the reprivatization of Warsaw tenement houses, was again sentenced to prison. He has this factored into his deceptions.

– Dear aunt, we are the family of your stepfather Gustaw Lauter from his daughter’s side in Canada – this is how the unexpected guests of over 70-year-old Wacława F. introduced themselves in 2005. She was happy – in her old age, rarely anyone visited her, and here were the children of these relatives, who emigrated to America after the war.

The guests’ names – Krystyna O. and Marek M. – did not tell the hostess anything, but it did not surprise her. She was seriously ill and a lot of information was lost forever.

That day, one piece of good news followed another. Wacława F. was told that she was entitled to an inheritance from her mother and stepfather. More precisely, participation in the tenement house at 4 Dynasy Street in Warsaw’s Powiśle, which was nationalized under Bierut. It turned out that after the change of regime there was a chance to regain the valuable property. The guests declared that they could take care of it, because walking around offices would be too tiring for an elderly person.

– My dear aunt would have a headache if she handed over her claim to the tenement house and then we would settle the settlement – ​​suggested Krystyna O.

Wacława F. agreed to sell her shares to Krystyna O.. For this she received PLN 300 and chocolates.

Two inheritance resolutions

An impressive tenement house at ul. Before 1939, Dynasy 4 was owned by Gustaw Lauter and Włodzimierz Nipanicz. It suffered little damage during the war. Only the roof needed repairs. In 1948, the renovated property was taken over by the commune. The owners’ efforts to grant them the so-called temporary ownership. In February 1953, the building and the property were unquestionably owned by the State Treasury.

The political system changed and the heirs of the nationalized property had the opportunity to regain it. Krystyna O., a distant relative of the Lauters, succeeded so much that in January 1993 the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw confirmed the rights of the interested family members to the inheritance. Not everyone came forward. Separate efforts were made by Włodzimierz Nipanicz’s nephew.

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