The victory against Bulgaria gave the Poles the lead. This is what the Group C table looks like

The victory against Bulgaria gave the Poles the lead.  This is what the Group C table looks like

After two matches in the qualifications for the Olympic Games, Polish volleyball players have a complete set of victories. Now they will face the revelation of this tournament – ​​Canada. This is how the Group C table currently looks like.

Polish volleyball players started the qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games very well. Nikola Grbic’s team won two matches against Belgium and Bulgaria and will spend one day off in good spirits.

Olympic qualifying: Group C schedule and table

The Reds and Whites need to regenerate as they face the revelation of this tournament – ​​Canada. This meeting was scheduled only on Tuesday, October 3. Tuomas Sammelvuo’s players are the surprise of this tournament. The Canadians have so far won against the Netherlands and Canada. This is the schedule of matches for the Polish national team in the Olympic qualifying tournament

  • Poland – Bulgaria (Sunday, October 1 at 10:00)

  • Poland – Canada (Tuesday, October 3 at 10:00)

  • Poland – Mexico (Wednesday, October 4 at 10:00)

  • Poland – Argentina (Friday, October 6 at 10:00)

  • Poland – Netherlands (Saturday, October 7 at 10:00)

  • China – Poland (Sunday, October 8 at 1:30 p.m.)

Qualification table for the Olympic Games

Place Team Matches Wins Failures Set balance Points
1. Poland 2 2 0 6:2 5
2. Canada 2 2 0 6:3 5
3. Netherlands 2 1 1 5:3 4
4. Argentina 2 1 1 4:3 3
5. Bulgaria 2 1 1 3:3 3
6. Belgium 1 0 1 2:3 1
7. China 1 0 1 0:3 0
8. Mexico 2 0 2 0:6 0

Qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games: Composition of the Polish national team

Polish volleyball players entered this tournament without Mateusz Bieniek and Bartosz Kurek, who are the strength of this team. Nikola Grbic replaced the captain of the national team and our attacker with Bartłomiej Bołądź. This is the squad that is supposed to get us promoted to Paris.

  • Attacker: Bartłomiej Bołądź, Łukasz Kaczmarek
  • Quarterback: Grzegorz Łomacz, Marcin Janusz
  • Central: Norbert Huber, Karol Kłos, Jakub Kochanowski
  • Recipient: Bartosz Bednorz, Tomasz Fornal, Wilfredo Leon, Kamil Semeniuk, Aleksander Śliwka
  • Libero: Jakub Popiwczak, Paweł Zatorski

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