The Polish volleyball player revealed a message from a “fan”. Shocking how he treated her

The Polish volleyball player revealed a message from a "fan".  Shocking how he treated her

Volleyball in Poland arouses great interest. Unfortunately, this also involves situations that can only be described as “beyond criticism.” One of the vulgar messages from an Internet user (aka “fan”) was revealed by volleyball player Paulina Damaske.

On Monday (i.e. December 18) there was a big surprise in Opole as part of the Tauron Liga competition. The local UNI Opole team defeated the BKS BOSTIK ZGO Bielsko-Biała volleyball team in four sets. The Bielsko team have been doing great since the beginning of the season, fighting equally with the favorites for the Polish championship. The failure in Opole was unexpected, but as it happens in sports, such matches happen.

Vulgar message revealed by Paulina Damaske

One of the volleyball players who played in the starting line-up of the losing Bielsko team was Paulina Damaske. The basic receiver scored 13 points, being the second best among the visiting team in this respect. Damaske played solidly in the receiving element (31 attempts, 52% positive), it was worse in attack, only 36%. on 33 occasions (the most by the team).

After the defeat, the volleyball player published a message on her Instagram stories, which she kept about one of the Internet users. Very vulgar, the content of which is difficult to defend and can only be strongly condemned. If the addressee calls himself a volleyball fan, he is at best a “fan” who should be held accountable for his actions.

“It’s nice that people who haven’t achieved anything are speaking out. Expressing your opinion is one thing, but stalking and harassing many female players is excessive. I hope that the friend from the anonymous account lost a lot by betting on our match. Oops, another loss in his life,” the volleyball player commented on the vulgar message.

Grupa Azoty Chemik Police is definitely in the lead

The rematch round has just begun in the Tauron Liga competition. The leaders of the competition are the volleyball players of Grupa Azoty Chemika Police, a team that last season did not even manage to reach the top four of the national competition. PGE Rysice Rzeszów and ŁKS Commercecon Łódź are still on the podium.

As for the fight for relegation, the last three are: Grupa Azoty Akademia Tarnów, Metalkas Pałac Bydgoszcz and ITA TOOLS Stal Mielec.

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