The 46-year-old millionaire doesn’t want to age. He takes 121 tablets a day

The 46-year-old millionaire doesn't want to age.  He takes 121 tablets a day

A millionaire from Los Angeles has no intention of aging. To stop this process, he invests $2 million a year. How does Bryan Johnson fight against time?

Bryan Johnson would like to be 18 forever and in his case it’s not just a dream. It will do anything to stop the aging process. As reported by Die Welt magazine, the man intends to keep up with his children in age – his daughter is 15, and his sons – 18 and 20. It turns out that Johnson has recorded his first successes in stopping time.

Who is the eccentric millionaire who doesn’t want to age?

Bryan Johnson was born in 1977. He is an entrepreneur who is not afraid of high risks. He founded a company specializing in mobile and online payments for the e-commerce industry – thanks to it he earned a fortune. He took on many challenges in his life, including: as a Mormon missionary he spent two years in Ecuador. He also created a company that produces devices that monitor and record brain activity. They look like helmets – thanks to electrical signals produced by the brain, they will in the future help communicate with people who are paralyzed, have mental problems, and suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Johnson’s dream is that these devices will slow down the aging process.

How does Bryan Johnson take care of his health?

The millionaire lives in Los Angeles. He is known primarily for taking great care of his health. His dream is to stop the aging process. For this purpose, he developed a program called “Blueprint”, which uses algorithms to analyze his health and the functioning of individual organs. Measurements are taken up to 40 times a day – all to ensure that nothing escapes the attention of Johnson and the specialists caring for him. The team of doctors and nurses consists of 30 people. It is headed by 29-year-old doctor Oliver Zolman from England, a specialist in regenerative medicine. By 2030, he would like to reduce the aging of his patient’s organs by 25 percent. As reported by “Die Welt”, the doctor has so far managed to make Johnson look younger by about five years. Although, according to the main character, his heart is 37 years old and his lungs are 18 years old.

What diet does a millionaire follow?

Bryan Johnson weighs 73 kg and is 183 cm tall. He follows a vegan diet. Its menu includes products such as green vegetables (e.g. broccoli, Brussels sprouts), lentils, and mushrooms. Its caloric balance does not exceed 2,000 calories a day. He doesn’t drink water at all, but he drinks about 1.4 liters of other fluids every day, including antioxidant teas (mainly green tea). He also drinks drinks prepared from lemongrass, licorice root, jasmine and alfalfa.

He adheres to the principle that one should not eat until he or she is full. After a meal he always remains slightly hungry. He doesn’t drink alcohol at all, although he likes wine. To feel its taste, he swallows specially composed capsules. In total, he takes 121 tablets every day.

How else does a millionaire try to rejuvenate himself?

The millionaire exercises in the gym every day, using specially selected equipment – there are 30 of them. He falls asleep at 8 p.m. and sleeps until 5. Before going to bed, she wears blue light-blocking glasses for two hours. The system monitors his vital parameters 24 hours a day. She also cares a lot about her beauty – she uses only natural products. Dyes hair with natural bulb extract. It pays $2 billion a year for its rejuvenation. As he claims, this is how he rehabilitates himself for several dozen previous years, when he led an unhygienic lifestyle – he ate fast food, slept little, was obese and did not avoid exposure to the sun.

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