Terrifying AI calculations. It may take up to 300 million jobs

Universities teach the use of ChatGPT.  What does the future of education look like?

In recent weeks, subsequent versions of services based on Artificial Intelligence have been made available to Internet users. The most famous are ChatGPT and Bard, but there are more tools of this type. Experts have bad news.

Artificial Intelligence has recently entered our lives with a bang. Almost everyone who uses the Internet has already experienced one or more services based on AI.

Artificial Intelligence will take our jobs

With the sudden development of the next wave of artificial intelligence, more and more questions have arisen about the consequences of such widespread implementation of this technology. Programs like ChatGPT can replace some of the activities that were previously the domain of people.

Goldman Sachs analysts decided to check whether concerns about the development of AI and its impact on the labor market are justified. The results of their analysis are terrifying. According to calculations by one of the world’s largest banks, as many as 300 million people around the world may lose their jobs due to the latest wave of services based on Artificial Intelligence.

According to a report prepared by Goldman Sachs economists, as many as 18 percent all positions may be mechanized. Lawyers and administrative workers were identified as the most at-risk professions. In the United States and Europe, AI may be introduced to some extent in up to ⅔ of all professions.

Boss Axel Springer warns journalists

At the beginning of March, the head of the publishing house Axel Springer, which owns such titles as Insider, Politico, Bild, and even Onet, wrote an e-mail to his journalists in which he warned them about Artificial Intelligence. Mathias Döpfner wrote that “Artificial Intelligence has the potential to make independent journalism better, or replace it altogether.”

In his opinion, AI will soon be able to collect information much better. So he encouraged his journalists to switch to much more opinion-forming and original content. Things that a machine can’t do for them.

What is Artificial Intelligence? Is there anything to be afraid of?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a field of science that deals with the creation of computer programs and systems that are able to perform tasks that usually require human intelligence. AI is based on algorithms and mathematical models that allow for data analysis and generation of decisions in an automated manner.

Artificial intelligence uses many technologies, such as neural networks, machine learning, image and natural language recognition, and robotics. In practice, AI is used in various fields such as medicine, industry, transportation, finance and even art.

The goal of artificial intelligence is to create programs and systems that are able to think and act like humans, using advanced information technologies. Thanks to this, AI allows the automation of many tasks and processes, which increases efficiency and saves time and costs.

Although artificial intelligence has many advantages, there are also concerns about its potential negative effects, such as unemployment and loss of privacy. Therefore, it is important that AI development is carried out responsibly and in accordance with ethical standards.

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