Świętokrzyskie Eagles handed out. We awarded the region’s leaders

Świętokrzyskie Eagles handed out.  We awarded the region's leaders

During the gala in Kielce, the Orły Wprost awards were handed out, given to outstanding business representatives and local institutions.

“Wprost” Eagles is a reference to the unique distinction received by the publisher of “Wprost”, Michał Maciej Lisiecki, from the Institute. President Ryszard Kaczorowski for proving in his everyday activities that when running a business, you can carry the red and white flag high, be a patriot and act for Poland.

The Orły Wprost awards are granted in recognition of exceptional activity in the field of entrepreneurship, local government activities and promotion of the region. We reward owners of companies from specific regions that expand their operations throughout Poland and introduce innovations to the market.

Awards are also given to commune mayors, city presidents and voivodeship marshals who effectively use European funds, as well as ambassadors of the region and active activists who work for its development.

Regional Local Government Officer category

The award in this category went to Kamil Suchański, a councilor from Kielce, co-owner of companies providing work to several hundred people; chairman and vice-chairman of supervisory boards, including in companies listed on the Stock Exchange. Including the Ekobox company listed on the stock exchange, in the index: NewConnect. He has been awarded the title of “Man of the Year” many times in Kielce and in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship.

– First of all, I would like to thank the jury, I accept this distinction with surprise. These types of awards motivate me to work even better in the interests of residents, he said, accepting the award.

Personality category

In this category, the Eagle award was given to Sandra Drabik, a Polish boxer, Olympian from Tokyo, silver and bronze medalist of the European Championships, silver medalist of the European Games. He has eight Polish championship medals.

– I am also surprised that I received such an award, I would like to thank the jury for noticing my sports struggles – she said, accepting the award.

Enterprise of the Region category

The award in this category was awarded to Huta Szkła Gospodarczej Tadeusz Wrześniak Sp. z o. o. The company is one of the largest, if not the largest, hand-formed glassworks in Poland and Europe. Vases, table glass, decorative candlesticks – they are masters of this. Their products are appreciated by customers in Poland and abroad. They initiate and support many initiatives and charities.

– Thank you very much for this award and at the same time I would like to wish you happiness. Not the usual one, but as Coco Chanel said, happiness is not money, health, friends, etc., but a little bit of all of this – said Jacek Jaworski, director of the company.

Science category

The award in this category went to prof. Jacek Semaniak, Polish physicist, specializing in atomic and molecular physics and in fields that are difficult to even pronounce (the use of interferometry in the study of diffusion processes occurring in physical and biological systems). Professor of physical sciences, full professor of the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce. Long-time vice-rector of this university. He sat on the Science Policy Committee of the Minister of Education and Science. He has been the Chairman of the Presidium of the Polish Metrological Union for several years.

– I would like to thank the jury for the nomination and decision. I have the honor to hold the position of president of the Central Office of Measures. Holding this position brings the pleasure of locating a new investment in Kielce that will change the future of metrology in Poland – he said, accepting the award.

Social Activist Category

In this category, the award went to Katarzyna and Łukasz Korus – promoters of Rural Women’s Circles, founders of the website www.kolagospodynwiejskich.org, whose editor-in-chief is Łukasz Korus. Within a year, the website was visited by almost a million people, and the Facebook profile was followed by over 23,000. people. The information and events published are intended to support circles in obtaining information on the possibility of obtaining external funding, facilitate direct sales, integrate and show how unique and entrepreneurial they are.

– This is a great distinction for us, but it is also an honor for all rural women’s groups throughout the country – said Katarzyna Korus.

Education category

The award in this category was given to professors Paweł and Marzena Zakrzewscy, who made outstanding contributions to the popularization of modern education in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship. Founders of personalized and democratic education clubs, whose involvement led to positive legislative changes in the area of ​​education called the Zakrzewski Act.

– As a lawyer socially involved in the creation of this act, I am very happy that I can accept this distinction on behalf of the Zakrzewski family in my hometown of Kielce. – said Anna Maria Rożek, accepting the award on their behalf.

Category Business card of the Region

The award in this category went to the authors of the concept of the permanent exhibition at the Archaeological Museum in Wiślica. Before you – Dr. Agnieszka Kowalska-Lasek, Gabriela Kiełtyka-Sołtysiak and Dr. Beata Polit. The newly created, unique underground trail running around the foundations of the local Collegiate Basilica combined into one path previously separate elements of the museum exhibition, such as the archaeological pavilion and the archaeological reserve in the basement of the temple.

– I wanted to thank you on behalf of the entire team. Moments like this make us happy that our work is noticed and motivate us to continue working – Gabriela Kiełtyka-Sołtysiak, museum manager.

Another award in this category went to Paweł Krakowiak, president of the Avito Vivit Honore Historical Reconstruction Association. I have been involved in historical reconstructions as a hobby for over 23 years. Since 2012, he has been the president of the Historical Reconstruction Association. He periodically organizes a knight’s tournament in Szydłów “Knight’s Tournament for the Golden Spurs of the Jagiellonian dynasty”. In addition to reconstructions from the Middle Ages, he also recreates the silhouettes of Polish soldiers of the 1st Battalion, 2nd Infantry Regiment of the Legions who were stationed in his hometown of Staszów until August 28, 1939.

– We deal with reconstructions, living history, we show beautiful, glorious, but also tragic moments in our history. The knights’ tournament at the castle in Szydłów is closest to my heart, to which I cordially invite you – he said, accepting the award.

Culture category

The award in this category was awarded to the Kielce Dance Theater. is one of three institutional dance theaters in Poland. It was founded in 1995, initially as a private initiative, and since 2004 as a municipal cultural institution. The group participated in co-productions with, among others, the Wrocław Opera, the Niederbayern Theater in Germany, the National Israeli Opera and the largest Polish television antennas.

– I would like to thank the jury for this award. She is not only ennobling, but also motivating – said Dr. Elżbieta Pańtak, co-founder and director of the Theatre, while accepting the award.

Region Developer Category

TRAKT INVEST was distinguished in this category, representing an innovative approach and trust in the development market, built on the foundation of half a century of experience of Trakt SA, known for the implementation of important infrastructure projects.

– We created the Grabina housing estate, we are proud of the fact that we created a new standard, showed new materials, a new standard of space use. I would like to thank our employees and our customers. They motivate us to work better, said Andrzej Gierada, president of the company.

Family Business of the Region category

The award in this category went to Regesta SA. They have been present on the transport market since 1995, during which time they have developed their activities to become a leader in the road transport market in the domestic and international arena, as well as contract logistics as a comprehensive logistics operator. Currently, the company employs almost 700 people and is one of the largest employers in the region.

– I accept this award with pride and honor, because there is a huge group and family behind me. This family has grown, but its heart still beats in the region – said Grzegorz Dudała, member of the company’s supervisory board.

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