Such food promotes a slim figure. 6 important rules

Such food promotes a slim figure.  6 important rules

Conscious eating, i.e. how we eat, is as important for maintaining a slim figure as what we eat. Learn the 6 rules of such eating and apply them.

Mindful eating is focusing your attention on the meal and fully immersing yourself in the act of eating. If you run out of the house with a sandwich in your hand and eat dinner in front of the TV, not paying full attention to what’s on your plate, you make it harder for yourself to achieve your dream figure. It turns out that the way we eat is an underestimated element of a healthy eating plan, and every diet should teach this.

How does mindful eating promote healthy weight?

The principles of mindful eating should be followed especially by people suffering from overeating attacks or a tendency to binge eating. emotional hunger (i.e. experiencing the need to eat during stress or difficult situations). A 2019 review assessed ten mindful eating studies and found significant weight reduction in people who participated in a mindful eating program compared to control groups. Here are the rules that are worth implementing to make your meals conscious and help you reduce unnecessary kilograms:

  1. Before you reach for food, consider whether you feel hungry and whether it is time to eat. If it is an unhealthy snack such as chips or sweets, think for a moment whether it is worth eating them or whether it is better to prepare a healthy meal.

  2. Provide a calm atmosphere during the meal. Turn off the TV, silence your phone, put away the newspaper. As Bethenny Frankel, author of the bestseller “Naturally Slim”, says in her book, research has shown that when you eat while watching TV, you eat much more than when you focus only on eating. This results in excessive calories consumed during the meal.

  3. Never eat standing up. Nervous snacking, especially while standing or while trying meals, is not beneficial. During this time, you don’t think about food, so you have the impression that eating standing up doesn’t count. Unfortunately, it affects the daily energy balance.

  4. Serve food on a nice tablecloth and beautiful tableware. Focus your attention on the appearance and smell of the food. Enjoy your meal and appreciate that you can eat a delicious and nutritious dish in peace. This behavior promotes “establishing a good relationship” with food and not overeating.

  5. Eat slowly, chew each bite carefully. Better chewed and crushed food is easier to digest because digestive enzymes in the mouth have time to work. This is especially beneficial for people who have stomach or intestinal problems, gastroesophageal reflux or intestinal diseases. Importantly, by eating slowly, we reduce the risk of flatulence because we swallow smaller amounts of air. In addition to chewing thoroughly, it is worth taking short breaks between bites, because the signal from the stomach that we have eaten enough takes about 15-20 minutes to reach the body. brain. Therefore, by eating slowly, you will consume fewer calories, which helps maintain health and a slim figure.

  6. Also try to calm down and remove intrusive and distracting thoughts. When your mind is focused on something else, it is difficult to eat consciously. It’s better to wait a while before eating and calm down. During the meal, it is worth considering whether you are already full, so as not to end the meal with a feeling of overeating.

If it is difficult for you to implement all the recommendations, follow at least a few of them or, at the beginning, try to eat at least one meal a day this way, for example a family dinner.


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