Shocking how Poles cheat on L4. Renovating a house is just the beginning of the list of absurdities

Shocking how Poles cheat on L4.  Renovating a house is just the beginning of the list of absurdities

An employee who has received sick leave should use it as intended. However, it happens that insured persons perform prohibited activities during L4. It’s amazing what they do.

The Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) checks whether people who have received sick leave use it as intended and follow the doctor’s recommendations. Recently, ZUS massively audited L4, which resulted in the suspension of millions of benefits. In 2023, the Social Insurance Institution audited 461.2 thousand sick leaves. The consequence of this was the questioning of 28.9 thousand sickness benefits for a total amount of PLN 29,273,000. What Poles did during sick leave may truly shock you.

How do Poles cheat on L4?

It turns out that while on sick leave, some people did things that were truly surprising. “There is a known case of an insured person who was on sick leave and at that time got married and participated in a wedding she organized. There are still people who, instead of regaining the ability to work, go on holidays abroad. ZUS received information from an employee on sick leave that he would be in one of the European capitals for a few days and at the same time provided the address of the hotel he was going to,” said Paweł Żebrowski, ZUS spokesman, in an interview with PAP.

Another “unusual case” was a man who, while receiving rehabilitation benefits, carried out renovation work on a multi-family building. “The benefit was granted in connection with a spine disorder. Even though the insured person was seen by the people checking the building being renovated, he denied that he was working. ZUS did not believe the explanations and refused the right to rehabilitation benefits,” explained the ZUS spokesman. However, this is not the end, some people on L4 organize cultural events, such as festivals and concerts. According to the information provided by Paweł Żebrowski, ZUS spokesman, during the L4 inspection it turned out that one of the insured persons worked in the club as a DJ. Some people on sick leave also took part in the work of the electoral commission and picketing at the office. At the very end of this list is helping to build a chicken coop, as well as participating in regattas.

What can’t you do on sick leave?

A person whose doctor on sick leave entered the number 1 in the instructions must stay at home. The exception to this is a visit to a hospital, doctor or undergoing a procedure (however, this must be properly documented). If, in turn, the indications include the number 2, such a person can then perform activities that allow him or her to meet basic life needs (e.g. necessary shopping, going for a walk). If a person on sick leave uses it contrary to its intended purpose, he or she may lose the right to sickness benefit. The basic rule is that during sick leave, an employee should not undertake activities that could prolong treatment or worsen his or her health.

During L4, the insured person cannot perform any other paid work. “An insured person who performs paid work during the period of declared incapacity for work or uses leave from work in a manner inconsistent with the purpose of the leave loses the right to sickness benefit for the entire period of leave” – ​​reads the text of Art. 17.1 of the Act of June 25, 1999 on cash benefits from social insurance in the event of sickness and maternity. Also check if your doctor can issue a sick leave retroactively.

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