Sex toys can be dangerous. Scientists comply

Sex toys can be dangerous.  Scientists comply

Sales of various erotic gadgets have increased significantly in recent years. Consumers are more and more willing to reach for this type of products. But is it safe to use them? According to American research, not quite.

Researchers asked residents of the United States to complete a questionnaire about their habits and preferences. Nearly half of the 1,047 heterosexual men aged 18 to 60 surveyed reported using sex toys at some point in their lives. Similar trends were observed among 3,800 heterosexual women between the ages of 18 and 60. More than half of them declared that they used a vibrator. The popularity of this type of products in the homosexual or bisexual community is even higher and amounts to over 70%.

Sex toys can be a health hazard

The cited data prompted scientists to consider the issue of the safety of erotic gadgets. Between 1995 and 2006, more than 6,500 people over 20 years of age were admitted to the emergency department due to injuries caused by these toys. However, it is estimated that the number of victims is much higher. A large part of people do not go to the hospital or seek professional help and try to deal with the problem on their own. He also sometimes lies after being admitted to the hospital. He does so out of shame and embarrassment. Adopting this type of posture increases the risk of various complications related to intimate area injuries, infections and even death. It must be remembered that sex toys come into contact with the most sensitive parts of the human body.

Describing the dangers associated with the use of erotic gadgets, one must not forget about chemical hazards. The materials from which “bedroom toys” are made may contain harmful compounds, such as phthalates, which negatively affect the work of many organs, including the liver, uterus, ovaries, testicles and thyroid. If present in high concentrations, they cause loss of fertility. Researchers are also concerned about the presence of nanoplastics in sex toys. Its particles can penetrate the body and lead to damage to various types of cells that make up tissues and internal organs.

Experts point out one more very important issue – erotic toys are advertised as proven, although no one has conducted a thorough analysis of this type of product. This creates an illusory sense of security among consumers and dulls their vigilance. As a result, customers are not aware of the risks they take when using sex toys. In the United States, as well as many other countries, there are no regulations regarding the production of erotic gadgets. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies vibrators as “obstetric and gynecological medical devices designed to treat sexual dysfunction and improve pelvic floor muscle tone.” Meanwhile, most people use these gadgets for completely different purposes, and their manufacturers bypass FDA jurisdiction. The sex toys market is basically not subject to any controls, which is conducive to many abuses.


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