S19 expressway in Podlasie. There is good news regarding the construction of two sections

S19 expressway in Podlasie.  There is good news regarding the construction of two sections

GDDKiA informs that 10 contractors have signed up to build the S19 Białystok Północ – Dobrzyniewo expressway section. In turn, on another part of the S19 expressway in the province Podlaskie (Boćki – Malewice), construction will start in October.

The Via Carpatia road route connecting Northern and Southern Europe in Poland will be approximately 700 km long. The road will run through 5 voivodeships: Podlaskie, Warmian-Masurian, Masovian, Lublin and Podkarpackie.

Lightning fast pace of work on S19

At the beginning of October this year, we informed that work had started on the section of the S19 Haćki – Bielsk Podlaski expressway. Let us remind you that this is the first fragment of the Via Carpatia international transport corridor implemented in the Podlaskie Voivodeship. Now we provide further information about the construction of the S19 expressway in Podlasie.

S19 Boćki – Malewice – green light for construction

The Voivode of Podlaskie has just issued a decision to authorize the implementation of a road investment (ZRID) for the next section of the S19 Boćki – Malewice expressway. For the investment contractor, obtaining a ZRID decision means the possibility of starting work after handing over the construction site. The decision determines the boundaries of the area to be taken over for the construction of the road and enables the commencement of the compensation procedure for the real estate taken over by the State Treasury.

S19 in Podlasie will be extended by another 16 km

The S19 Boćki – Malewice section will be approximately 15.9 km long. On this part of the S19, a dual carriageway expressway will be built, which will run along a new track to the east of the existing national road No. 19. The Via Carpatia part will be connected to the S19 sections under construction: Bielsk Podlaski – Boćki from the north, Malewice – Chlebczyn from the south. Road engineers announce that the investment will include the construction of 10 viaducts, five bridges, a crossing for large animals over the expressway and six steel culverts. Access roads will also be built.

Completion date for the construction of S19 Boćki – Malewice

The construction of the S19 Boćki – Malewice section is carried out by Strabag. The cost of the road investment is approximately PLN 343.6 million. The new 16-kilometer section of S19 will be handed over to drivers in 2025.

10 people willing to build S19 Białystok Północ – Dobrzyniewo

Road workers also provide information on the construction of another section of S19 in Podlasie. This time it is about a 9-kilometer long section of S19 Białystok Północ – Dobrzyniewo. As many as 10 contractors submitted offers for its construction. The lowest price of PLN 320,889,472 was offered by Unibep, the same company that recently submitted the cheapest offer for the neighboring section of S19 Czarna Białostocka – Białystok Północ.

Another 9 km of the S19 expressway in Podlasie

The S19 section from the existing Białystok Północ junction to the Dobrzyniewo junction will be 8.77 km long. It will be constructed as a road with two carriageways, each with two lanes and an emergency lane. The type of surface (asphalt or concrete) will be chosen by the contractor. The road structure will be adapted to the surface load capacity of up to 11.5 t/axle. 14 engineering structures are planned (bridges, viaducts, animal crossings).

The transport hub will connect three expressways

As part of the investment, the Dobrzyniewo junction will be built at the intersection of S19 with S16 (and in the future also with S8). This junction will allow traffic to be diverted towards Ełk (S16) and the Białystok Zachód junction to S8 (Warsaw – Białystok direction), and from there also to Białystok – Lublin direction (S19).

The current state of construction of the S19 expressway in Podlasie

S19 expressway in the province Podlaskie will be over 177 km long, its implementation has been divided into 15 shorter sections (including the Bielsk Podlaski bypass):

  • Kuźnica – Sokółka, length approx. 15.8 km (including 10.6 km S and 5.2 km of dual carriageway GP), construction works are in progress;

  • Sokółka – Czarna Białostocka, approx. 24.1 km, in tender – verification of offers;

  • Czarna Białostocka – Białystok Północ, 13 km, in tender – opening of offers;

  • Białystok Północ – Dobrzyniewo, approx. 8.8 km, in tender;

  • Dobrzyniewo – Białystok Zachód, approx. 10.2 km, in progress – waiting for ZRID;

  • Białystok West – Białystok Księżyno, approx. 16.6 km, there is a new DŚU;

  • Białystok Księżyno – Białystok Południe, approx. 8 km S and approx. 13.8 km DK65, there is a new DŚU;

  • Białystok Południe – Wojszki, approx. 11.2 km, there is a new DŚU;

  • Wojszki – Deniski (bridge over the Narew with access roads) approx. 3.9 km, there is a new DŚU, under preparation;

  • Deniski – Haćki, approx. 6.6 km, under construction – waiting for ZRID;

  • Haćki – Bielsk Podlaski Zachód, approx. 11.2 km, in progress – ZRID decision issued, construction underway;

  • Bielsk Podlaski Zachód – Boćki, approx. 12.2 km, under construction – ZRID decision issued;

  • Boćki – Malewice, approx. 15.9 km, under construction – ZRID decision issued;

  • Malewice – Chlebczyn, approx. 25.1 km, under construction – waiting for ZRID;

  • Bielsk Podlaski bypass along DK66, approx. 6 km (GP), in progress – waiting for ZRID.

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