Queues will form again for the “hole in the ground”.

Queues will form again for the "hole in the ground".

In recent quarters, we have forgotten what it means to buy a hole in the ground, i.e. concluding real estate purchase agreements at a very early stage of construction or even before construction begins. However, this is starting to change: “Rzeczpospolita” reports that premises are beginning to disappear at an earlier and earlier stage of construction, and their prices are rising.

On the 14 largest markets, developers offer 71,000. apartments – according to BIG DATA RynekPierwotny.pl data, which the newspaper cites. The entire offer in Poland is estimated at approx. 95,000. premises. The share of ready apartments in the offer of 14 markets increased from 15% to at the beginning of the year to 19.6 percent. in June.

Sale of real estate. A large selection of apartments up to 60 sq m

In Warsaw, developers offered over 11,400 sq m at the end of June. flats, of which less than 2.5 thous. (21.7%). In Wrocław, the entire offer of new premises at this time is over 7.1 thousand. Ready – over 2,000 (29.5%). In Poznań, it was over 4.7 thousand. all, 890 ready (18.7 percent), in Łódź – 6.1 thousand. and 640 (10.5%), in Krakow – almost 7.1 thousand. and 1819 (25.7 percent), and in the Tri-City 5.8 thousand. and 1.4 thousand (25.2%). In the Katowice agglomeration, there were over 6.5 thousand. premises, of which over 2,000 are completed. (31%).

Jarosław Jędrzyński, an expert of the RynekPierwotny.pl portal, explains the increase in the offer of ready apartments with the weaker sales of larger, over 60-meter flats, the more expensive ones, with better addresses. – Demand for apartments with an area not exceeding 60 sq m, from the lower price range, is relatively high. The percentage of completed apartments in this segment, depending on the location, is 10-15%. – he points out.

“Hole in the ground” is a Polish specialty

The interlocutors pointed out that today the most distant dates for the acceptance of apartments from the current offer are the fourth quarter of 2026. As the real estate market recovers, there should be more and more “holes in the ground” sold. The increased interest in real estate is the aftermath of the “Safe Credit 2%” program that has been operating since July 3.

The already mentioned Jarosław Jędrzyński also shared his thoughts that buying apartments at the “hole in the ground” stage is a specialty of the Polish primary market. He estimates that such transactions may increase as the economic situation improves.

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