“Protest of free Poles” in Warsaw. New information on attendance

"Protest of free Poles" in Warsaw.  New information on attendance

The Warsaw City Hall estimated that approximately 35,000 people were to take part in the “Protest of Free Poles”. people. This is many times less than declared by the protest organizers. City Hall spokeswoman Monika Beuth presented us with the methodology according to which the calculations were made.

On Thursday, January 11, the “Protest of free Poles” took place in front of the Sejm, organized by Law and Justice. The square in front of the Sejm and nearby streets were packed with people.

There is a significant discrepancy in the estimated turnout

The demonstration was an expression of opposition to the actions of the government of Prime Minister Donald Tusk. This includes: for forceful takeover of public media contrary to the Act on the National Media Council.

Another issue is the imprisonment of PiS MPs Mariusz Kamiński and Maciej Wąsik, contrary to the president’s pardon and the rulings of the Constitutional Tribunal and the Chamber of Extraordinary Control and Public Affairs.

What is certain is that the participants of the demonstration came from all regions of our country. However, there was a significant discrepancy in turnout estimates. The organizers estimated the attendance at over 300,000. people, and the Warsaw City Hall for approx. 35 thousand.

Police: We do not estimate the number of participants

It is worth mentioning that these are basically the only numbers that can be relied on at the moment. The Warsaw police informed our editorial office that they did not have any estimates. She emphasized that the demonstration was completely peaceful.

– It was safe during yesterday’s events. There were several incidents, mainly related to people fainting. The police also helped in these situations. At the same time, I would like to inform you that we do not estimate the number of participants in the meeting. Our priority is always the safety of all people, and the forces and resources were appropriate to ensure safety, said Comm. Marta Gierlicka, spokeswoman for the Warsaw Police Headquarters.

Warsaw City Hall: This methodology is proven

We also contacted the Warsaw City Hall to explain how the number of participants in the “Protest of Free Poles” was estimated.

In response, we received a map attached to the article, which was created based on “an analysis of yesterday’s records from city surveillance cameras.” In this way, the area was determined, which was the basis for calculations.

– The material shows that the participants of the meeting occupied an area of ​​approx. 18.5 thousand square meters. square meters. Assuming approximately two people per square meter due to the fact that there were structures in the form of a stage, tents and cars, the Warsaw Security Center estimated the number of participants at approximately 35,000. people. These are, of course, estimated values, but this methodology is proven, explained Monika Beuth, spokeswoman for the Warsaw City Hall, for “Wprost”.

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