Prof. Janina Stępińska on how to reduce mortality from cardiovascular diseases

Prof.  Janina Stępińska on how to reduce mortality from cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular diseases are the main cause of death in Poland. It is because of them that we die faster, but also more often than the inhabitants of Western Europe. How can this be changed? Prof. commented on this topic. Janina Stępińska, Director of the National Institute of Cardiology.

How to reduce mortality from cardiovascular diseases in Poland? Prof. Janina Stępińska emphasized at the very beginning that we have a lot to do in this matter, but on the other hand, we also have a very good situation in our country.

– The good situation is that we have modern cardiology in Poland, but we need to adapt more to the principles of prevention: perform tests and follow medical recommendations. If we look, for example, at arterial hypertension, which affects almost every third Pole, it turns out that half of them do not know that they have hypertension, and half do not undergo treatment. Half of those who undergo treatment are treated insufficiently. In other words, both taking care of your own health and following medical recommendations are certainly not at a sufficient level, she noted.

The specialist also listed the issues that should be focused on in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. – We need to focus on risk factors, i.e. hypertension, not smoking, eating healthy, knowing our cholesterol level, especially the “bad cholesterol”, which is the strongest prognostic factor.

She also added how important it is to measure glucose levels, but also to be physically active. – What is important is that all these principles of prevention apply not only to cardiology, but also, for example, oncology – said Professor Janina Stępińska, summarizing that “we should do all this together.” – Moreover, if a cardiac incident occurs, these rules of “aftercare”, i.e. the so-called secondary prevention, should be followed in order to prevent another one. However, of course, it is not the case that we have control over all risk factors, because there are certain genetic burdens that we cannot influence. But I think that if we focus on what depends on us, it will be better.

– However, we can say that when it comes to the network of cardiology centers, interventional cardiology, treatment of life-threatening arrhythmias, cardiac surgery in Poland, and intensive cardiac therapy, we are truly at a global level – she added.

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