New hope for cancer patients: Czerniakowski Hospital has launched an oncological surgery subunit

New hope for cancer patients: Czerniakowski Hospital has launched an oncological surgery subunit

With an emphasis on improving and developing health care, the Czerniakowski Hospital in Warsaw is launching an oncological surgery subunit, establishing a strategic partnership with the National Institute of Oncology, National Research Institute. This is a significant step towards improving care for patients fighting cancer, especially in the face of the constantly increasing number of diagnoses. The first operations were successfully performed.

Renata Kaznowska, Vice-President of the Capital City of Warsaw, participated in the opening of the Sub-Unit. Warsaw. The Surgical Oncology Subunit is a response to social demand resulting from the constantly growing number of cancer cases. Prof. started working at the facility. Zoran Stojcev, an oncological surgeon with over 35 years of clinical experience who has performed several thousand oncological surgeries.

Effective treatment of patients depends on early and accurate diagnosis of cancer as well as on the quick implementation of appropriate treatment as part of comprehensive oncological care. – says prof. emergency Ph.D. med. Zoran Stojčev, head of the Surgical Oncology subdepartment and Head of the Department of Oncological Surgery at Lazarski University in Czerniakowski Hospital. Despite the development of non-invasive therapeutic techniques, surgery still remains one of the most important methods of treating the vast majority of cancers, often offering a chance for cure. – adds prof. Stojčev.

The hospital has established cooperation with the National Institute of Oncology. Maria Skłodowska-Curie National Research Institute, among others as part of the Breast Cancer Unit and Colorectal Cancer Unit. Doctors from both facilities will sit in joint oncology consultations, during which the best therapeutic path for the patient will be determined.

A variety of surgeries to help patients

The Oncological Surgery subunit of the Czerniakowski Hospital can perform, among others: breast cancer surgery with oncoplasty, thyroid resection, gastrointestinal cancer surgery (esophagus, stomach, pancreas, liver, large intestine), which can be performed using the classic or laparoscopic method. , skin cancer surgery.

Paweł Obermeyer, President of the Management Board of Czerniakowski Hospital, emphasizes: A cancer patient should be treated in centers offering comprehensive oncological care. Such care for our patients will be provided by cooperation with the National Institute of Oncology, National Research Institute. Thanks to this, an oncological patient operated on in our facility, depending on medical indications, may receive chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy at the Institute of Oncology. Currently, the Surgical Oncology Department has 12 beds, but the needs are much greater and we will take this into account in the further development of our hospital, adds Obermeyer. On October 12 this year the first oncological surgeries will take place in the newly established unit of the Czerniakowski Hospital. Prof. On this day, Sojcev will perform: bilateral mastectomy with simultaneous breast reconstruction, gastric cardia cancer surgery and thyroid cancer surgery.

Oncological surgery – a chance for patients

Czerniakowski Hospital is an important point on the map of Warsaw, and the launch of the possibility of surgical treatment of cancer and ensuring, in cooperation with NIO, comprehensive therapy and coordination of services provided, will undoubtedly bring huge benefits to oncology patients.

The hospital has a registered Surgical Oncology Clinic, where patients can receive pre- and post-operative care. Currently, the facility has submitted an application to the MOW NFZ to contract services under the above-mentioned. clinic. Until then, patients will be seen at the General Surgery Clinic.

The establishment of the Surgical Oncology subunit fits perfectly into the activities of the capital city of Warsaw in the area of ​​oncology. On October 5 this year The Council of the Capital City of Warsaw adopted a Position on Breast Cancer Awareness Month, expressing its full support for all initiatives undertaken for the prevention and treatment of breast cancer. The Council also encourages the Mayor of the capital city Warsaw to take further educational, preventive and supporting activities for women suffering from breast cancer.

Contact for patients: +48 606 901 537; +48 506 293 666, on weekdays from 8.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.

Secretariat: +48 789 057 920

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