Mud, feces and dead animals. Activists saved almost 60 dogs

Mud, feces and dead animals.  Activists saved almost 60 dogs

At the beginning of the week, a joint action by the police and animal rights activists took place in a village near Inowrocław. Between 50 and 60 purebred dogs were seized and kept in scandalous conditions. Their owner is expected to face prosecutorial charges.

You can learn about the activities carried out near Inowrocław on the website and on the social media profiles of the Pańska Łaska Foundation. Members of the Society for the Protection of Animals in Gniezno and the above-mentioned Animal Protection Foundation “Pańska Łaska” participated in the operation to free Newfoundland dogs from a macabre pseudo-breeding facility.

Raid on a pseudo-breeding of purebred dogs

Activists, together with the police, responded to disturbing signals regarding dog breeding reported by village residents. Neighbors and witnesses were to pay attention to the criminal activities of Anna S., the owner of this business. – Dogs are harmed and suffer. During the day, they live outside without kennels, without protection from the cold and rain, they said. Many animals died on the woman’s property. During the search, remains of bones and dog hair were found.

As we learn from the activists’ description, the animals were kept in their own excrement, they stank of feces and urine, and were covered with excrement and mud. Earlier inspections confirmed the poor condition of the animals, but for various reasons no one wanted to take care of them. The main factors were the costs of transport and medical care. Ultimately, over 50 dogs were distributed among three organizations. Everyone was provided with veterinary assistance.

Activists helped dogs near Inowrocław

“Today was a day dedicated to rescuing over 50 Newfoundlands. Several pro-animal organizations participated in the action. All the dogs were taken from a place that shouldn’t exist. Further care and treatment is possible with your support, for which we are always extremely grateful, because it is thanks to you that we can take such actions,” animal rights activists said in a message on Facebook.

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