Krzysztof Stanowski commented on the court's judgment regarding Natalia Janoszek. “There must be consequences”

Krzysztof Stanowski commented on the court's judgment regarding Natalia Janoszek.  "There must be consequences"

The journalist commented online on the court's ruling regarding the scandal with Natalia Janoszek. Krzysztof Stanowski honestly confessed what he thought about the decision.

This week, information circulated in the media that the court imposed a financial penalty on Channel Sportowy, as well as on Krzysztof Stanowski, who a few months ago recorded a film about Natalia Janoszek's career. Now the journalist has decided to comment on the court's decision online. He published a lengthy statement.

Krzysztof Stanowski about the court's judgment in the Janoszek case

After Natalia Janoszek shared the information online that Krzysztof Stanowski was to be punished and pay a fine of PLN 15,000. PLN or go to prison for 30 days, the media was in a frenzy. However, the journalist himself emphasized in a statement that the decision did not surprise him because he expected to lose the case. – Did something unexpected happen that I didn't announce? Well, no, exactly what had to happen happened, he said.

The journalist then explained to his observers what exactly he was to be punished for. Well, after the publication of the first of the compromising materials created by Stanowski, Natalia Janoszek asked the court for a preventive ban on recording further films about her. It is known that although the YouTuber soon received a court ban from speaking about her, he violated these rules and soon published another recording.

– I knew that since I was breaking the court ban on recording a film about Natalia Janoszek, I would be punished for it. I talked about it, he mentioned.

He also recalled that the court fined him PLN 15,000. PLN, and in case of failure to make the payment, he threatened 30-day arrest. – Honestly, I considered the option of arrest, because it would be good material, but I don't have 30 days off, it's a bit beyond my strength. (…) Too bad, I will pay, because it was included in the costs from the beginning and it was known that I would have to pay, he confessed.

Krzysztof Stanowski also emphasized that the court's decision did not apply to the first film about Natalia Janoszek, but to the second one, in which he presented further evidence that the 33-year-old manipulated public opinion. – The message may be that the court decided that Natalia Janoszek is not a fraud, that she is a Bollywood star, that she did not buy followers at all, etc. If you might think from the headline that such a decision was made by the court, it is not – he explained.

– The court didn't look into whether she was a fraud or not, it only focused on the fact that I wasn't supposed to record, but I did. So there is nothing surprising about this punishment. The court order was deliberately violated and there must be consequences. This verdict doesn't really outrage me at all, added the YouTuber.

Founder of “Channel Zero” on the state of the judiciary

Moreover, in his recording Krzysztof Stanowski criticized the state of the Polish judiciary. He revealed that his appeal against the judgment that banned the publication of a film about Natalia Janoszek was still pending. – We have a publication ban, we have a penalty for breaking the ban, but our appeal has not yet been started. This is total mockery! It can't be that you appeal against a court decision, which you have the right to do, and then your appeal ends up in some pile of papers on the third floor next to the toilet… It's been, I don't know, 8-10 months and this piece of paper is on that pile it's still lying there and maybe in 3-5 years someone will clean it up, take this piece of paper and say: “Hey, there's still a cancellation from 2023 and maybe we could do something about it?” (…) What does it matter to me that one day this appeal will be considered? What's the point? – He was asking.

Journalist he also stated that “the court regularly embarrasses itself”, for example through its actions regarding Natalia Janoszek. – If someone says that he will break the publication ban and does it, the court should say the day after breaking the ban: “Stop, it won't work like that!” The court should be active in all this if it really wants to protect Mrs. Natalia Janoszek from any publication. He shouldn't protect her with a fine – which I can afford anyway – which is due x months later, because this is no protection for Mrs. Natalia Janoszek, and the money is not for her, but for the state treasury. At the same time, the court ignored my rights to appeal against this decision. (…) The Polish judiciary is completely paralyzed and there is no logic in it – he summed up.

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