Katarzyna Warnke in a controversial interview. “When a mother is just a mother, she becomes an animal”

Katarzyna Warnke in a controversial interview.  "When a mother is just a mother, she becomes an animal"

The actress decided to be honest in the latest interview. Katarzyna Warnke's words caused a real storm on the Internet.

For years, Katarzyna Warnke and Piotr Stramowski were considered one of the most beautiful and best-matched couples in Polish show business. Unfortunately, their love did not stand the test of time. Apparently, the pair of actors failed to overcome the crisis that appeared in their relationship after Helenka's birth in 2019. They announced their breakup three years later. Now the artist gave an interview in which she went back to the beginnings of motherhood. Her words outraged some people.

Kasia Warnke about motherhood

It is known that Katarzyna Warnke decided to become a mother under the influence of her beloved. – I was getting older. I gave birth when I was 42, so that was the end. I was very much in love with him and his dream naturally became my dream. And so I stayed in it. (…) This decision was conscious, we knew what we were doing, but in me there was: “Because I know?” – she said in an interview with Journalist.

Unfortunately, the birth of the child did not bring her and Piotr Stramowski closer. In 2022, the actors announced their separation, and a year later they obtained a divorce. Currently, Warnke remains single, while her ex-husband has settled down with a certain Natalia Krakowska. Together they share custody of their child, little Helenka.

Now Katarzyna Warnke gave an interview to a magazine for “conscious parents” called “Ładne Bebe”. Referring to her experiences, she made a strange confession that extremely divided Internet users. – When a mother is just a mother, she becomes an animal. While at the beginning the child needs this animality to survive, later it does not want it, she said.

– I didn't want to reduce myself to anxiety, diapers and milk, I probably wouldn't even be able to do it in the end. We have two options – sober up and start fighting for ourselves right away, or let ourselves be consumed. For me, reducing myself to the role of a mother is destroying myself. Then there are grudges against yourself, your partner, your child, she confessed.

These statements caused a real storm on the Internet and divided Internet users. Some people did not spare bitter words for Katarzyna Warnke. We read: “Question: didn't this woman realize what motherhood was like before she decided on it?” “This evaluation of women's roles is ridiculous. All other roles are currently ok, businesswoman – ok, athlete – ok, artist – ok, mother – loss of identity/destruction”, “I feel some discomfort reading these statements, does anyone else feel like this?” or “There is nothing like, in defense of women's individuality and their free will in choosing, insulting and degrading all those who have chosen the role of mother as the leading one in their lives.”

Others, in turn, agreed with the actress' words in the comments and showed her support. They wrote: “A wise woman. Bravo”, “I think that Ms. Kasia meant reducing herself to the role of mother only… Losing identity because now you have to devote all your time to the child. How many cases are there when mothers cannot celebrate their stupid birthday normally because all the gifts they receive are for the child?

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