Julia is 22 years old and fighting for the atom. “We are going to court with Greenpeace”

Julia is 22 years old and fighting for the atom.  "We are going to court with Greenpeace"

Greenpeace Polska is an organization with outdated, in part, views and incompetent in action. Overall, it’s a harmless, non-aggressive, but also non-helpful movement, staffed by full-time activists making a career in the media and on Instagram, who have little idea about the real solutions to the climate crisis – says Julia Gałosz, a 22-year-old biology student and a youth representative. pro-nuclear climate international.

Krystyna Romanowska: They call you “atomic Greta Thunberg”. Do you consider this a praise or a blame?

Julia Galosz: I am happy with this term, because Greta drew the attention of many people not related to activism to the problem of the climate crisis years ago. Today, however, it’s time to verify the methods of operation! School climate strikes were good 5 years ago. Today, the war in Ukraine, energy destabilization, the leash of European countries in the form of dependence on Russian gas, the failure of the German Energiewende (German energy policy aiming to eliminate nuclear power plants – ed.), all this has shown in reality that building security in the field of energy is 100% based on a fantasy. . RES (renewable energy sources) is unrealistic.

Similarly, degrowth (conscious reduction of consumption, including giving up flying, eating meat, owning a car – ed.) proposed by climate activists from the corporate Greenpeac circles is unrealistic. Awareness of the climate crisis has increased. However, a deep understanding of the problem is still lacking. Climate activists shout about abstract changes, but when it comes to real action, no one knows what to do, because no one can say the magic words in these environments:

“Nuclear power plants should decarbonise the power system together with RES.”

So people concentrate on telling nonsense and nonsense that only wind and sun will ensure our energy security. That’s not true.

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