Janusz Filipiak in hospital. Comarch has a new, interim president

Janusz Filipiak in hospital.  Comarch has a new, interim president

Comarch has appointed Dr. Anna Pruska as interim president. He will perform his duties for a month. The company made the change after its founder and current boss, Janusz Filipiak, was hospitalized.

“The Management Board of Comarch SA informs that, acting pursuant to Article 383 § 1 of the Commercial Companies Code and Article 19(2) point 6) of the Company’s Statute, the Supervisory Board of Comarch SA delegates a member of the Supervisory Board, Dr. Anna Pruska, to temporarily perform the duties of the President of the Management Board of Comarch SA. referred to above takes place for a period of one month starting from the date of adoption of this resolution, i.e. from October 2, 2023 to November 2, 2023,” we read in the company’s announcement.

Janusz Filipiak in the hospital

The president and founder of Comarch and the Cracovia sports club was hospitalized on Saturday. According to the media, the 71-year-old businessman was in critical condition.

“We have been competing on the pitch for 20 years, and in life we ​​share common passions. Today, the whole of Wisła is keeping its fingers crossed for your recovery, Professor!” – we read on Twitter of Wisła Kraków, Cracovia’s rival.

Anna Pruska at the head of Comarch

Dr. Anna Pruska, who temporarily holds the position of president of Comarch, is the daughter of Janusz Filipiak. She has been a member of the company’s supervisory board for years. In 2004, she started working in the company’s Belgian branch in Brussels. She was responsible for creating German structures of Comarch’s daughter company and opening new branches in Germany, Belgium and France. In 2013, she headed the supervisory board of Comarch Swiss AG.

He is a doctor of humanities in the field of international relations. She studied finance and banking at the Warsaw School of Economics and obtained her doctorate at the Jagiellonian University. She also completed postgraduate studies in Switzerland.

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