There is a new President of the Polish Coalition of Oncology Patients. She replaced Krystyna Wechmann

There is a new President of the Polish Coalition of Oncology Patients.  She replaced Krystyna Wechmann

Elżbieta Markowska replaced Krystyna Wechmann as president of the Polish Coalition of Oncology Patients. – It is necessary and urgent to conduct a dialogue with the government on systemic changes in the care of oncologically ill patients – emphasizes Elżbieta Markowska.

The new President was elected during the meeting of the Foundation Council on June 16, 2024. Krystyna Wechmann has been the President of the Polish Coalition of Oncology Patients since 2017.

Elżbieta Markowska: we will take care of the fate of oncology patients

Elżbieta Markowska is the president of the Management Board of the Częstochowa Amazons Association and vice-president of the Federation of “Amazons” Associations. For many years, it has been initiating campaigns and events addressed to oncology patients, both at the national and local level. Her ability to manage the work of a non-governmental organization in cooperation with public, central and local government administration as well as her experience in contacts with the media have been appreciated many times. One of the most important decorations is the Bronze Cross of Merit awarded by the President of the Republic of Poland for merits in health care activities.

When appointing Elżbieta Markowska as the President of the Management Board of the PKPO Foundation, it was emphasized that her skills would contribute to the further development of the Coalition, increasing the activity and representativeness of the oncological patient community. In the coming period of the expected systemic introduction of new solutions in health care, the Coalition, together with its new president, wants to take care of the interests of oncological patients to an even greater extent, providing patients with the most effective treatment possible, giving them a chance to live their lives in the best possible quality.

About the Polish Coalition of Oncology Patients (PKPO)

The Polish Coalition of Oncology Patients was established in 2009 as the Polish Coalition of Oncology Patients' Organizations Foundation. The founding organizations of the Coalition are: the Federation of Associations “Amazonki”, the National Association for Assistance to People with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia SPBS, the Polish Ostomy Society “Pol-Ilko” and the Association Supporting Lymphoma Patients “Sowie Eyes”. Since then, PKPO has been very actively involved in all systemic changes aimed at improving the treatment of oncological patients in Poland.

The genesis of the Coalition's creation was the experience of recent decades, when the oncology financing system in Poland could not withstand the confrontation with the incredible progress in the diagnosis and therapy of cancer diseases and it was necessary for patient organizations to engage in a responsible, partnership dialogue with decision-makers on changes in Polish oncology.

– In order to cope with the challenges in such a difficult time, we decided to create the fullest possible representation of cancer patient organizations as a strong participant in the dialogue between the community and those responsible for health policy in Poland. Wanting to speak with one voice on behalf of all groups of cancer patients, both those affected by the most frequently diagnosed and the rarest cancers, we strive for comprehensive oncological care, we support all activities that can reduce the scale of the disease and improve the quality of care and life of patients – informs the Polish Coalition of Oncological Patients.

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