Is it better to call 999 or 112? One option works quickly, the other takes twice as long

Is it better to call 999 or 112?  One option works quickly, the other takes twice as long

Although you can get help by calling both 999 and 112, in some situations it is worth choosing the first option. We explain why this is so important.

In Poland, there are two emergency numbers that we can call in crisis cases when immediate help is needed. This is the number 112 and 999. Which one is better to dial when our life or health or that of our loved ones is at risk? In both cases, we will contact the rescue services, but they differ in the way they operate and the scope of help they offer.

When to call 999 and when to call 112?

First of all, it should start with the fact that it is very important to understand how the provision of assistance by the units coordinating both numbers works. This way we will be able to choose the best solution. 112 is the European emergency number, which in Poland connects us directly with the Emergency Notification Center (CPR). Therefore, it is a universal number to call in crisis situations – not only when you need medical help. The operator of this number has the ability to quickly notify the appropriate services – police, ambulance, water rescuers or fire brigade. Assistance will therefore be coordinated in the best possible way.

In turn, choosing dial 999, we will call you directly to the emergency service and we will be connected to a medical dispatcher. This is the best solution when a person needs immediate medical intervention – then you can call for help, but also receive professional advice on what to do until the ambulance arrives.

How to shorten the ambulance arrival time?

In case of a life-threatening situation, definitely it is better to call 999 than by calling 112. “It absolutely shortens the time needed to obtain help,” emphasized Robert Mazurek, director of the Provincial Emergency Station (WSPR) in Poznań, in an interview with “Rzeczpospolita”. He also added that although the entire procedure of contacting 112 is not long, in a life-threatening situation every moment is valuable. When calling 112, due to redirection, the time is extended compared to calling 999.

According to “Rzeczpospolita”, analyzes show that the time of handling calls via Emergency Notification Centers (i.e. number 112) is twice as long compared to service through medical dispatching rooms.

When to call 112?

You should call 999 if your life or health is at risk. If you contact 112, all required services will be notified. This form of calling for help is therefore appropriate, for example, in the event of a road accident, burglary, theft, fire, sudden fainting, serious bodily injury and heavy bleeding, but also in other emergencies that threaten health, life or safety and public order. Be sure to also check why you cannot hang up when calling an ambulance. It is also worth knowing when to call an ambulance and in what situations it is not necessary.

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