Drought. There will be no mowing of grass along the roads

Drought.  There will be no mowing of grass along the roads

The General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways decided to respond to the changing weather conditions. It implemented special proceedings regarding the maintenance of national roads in the context of drought. This means there will be no mowing.

Mowing by the road

One of the elements of the ongoing maintenance of national roads is regular mowing of the road lane. This ensures road traffic safety and efficient drainage. Recently, we have been experiencing long periods without precipitation in Poland, which favors drought. To counteract this unfavorable phenomenon, GDDKiA took action as part of the “Stop drought on roads” campaign. To put it simply, it will consist in limiting the mowing area of ​​green belts on national roads.

Safety comes first

Places related to road traffic safety and effective operation of the drainage system will be excluded from this procedure. Lush vegetation will not limit visibility or obscure road signs. In turn, the drainage system will ensure efficient drainage of water from the road, because road safety directly depends on these aspects.

Visually different, but sometimes it’s necessary

GDDKiA signals to users of national roads that the final visual effect of maintenance activities will be different from the previous one. In place of the previously mown areas of the road, there will be areas of flower meadows.

Consciously caring for water

“These actions will not result from negligence or savings, but will be the result of conscious, purposeful action by road workers. Thanks to this, we will contribute to minimizing the effects of drought by enabling water retention, improving the maintenance of soil moisture, lowering the earth’s surface temperature and increasing the surface absorbing carbon dioxide,” writes the management.

Flexibly and adequate to the conditions

The planned action to limit mowing will be taken when hydrological and meteorological conditions deteriorate. Currently, given the good conditions, there was no need to limit mowing work. “However, if an unfavorable situation occurs, decisions will be made to introduce restrictions to minimize the effects of drought,” informs GDDKiA.

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