Declaration of Janusz Wojciechowski. He replied to the PiS president

Declaration of Janusz Wojciechowski.  He replied to the PiS president

Janusz Wojciechowski does not intend to resign from the position of EU Commissioner for Agriculture, at least in the short term. – Today I do not foresee any such decisions, I do not plan them – he said on Polsat News.

Jarosław Kaczyński announced that he would call Janusz Wojciechowski and ask him to end his mission as European Union Commissioner for Agriculture. – But will it end? I simply don’t know because I have no influence on whether he is a commissioner or not. This is solely his decision, said the president of Law and Justice. In a similar tone, Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz appealed for Wojciechowski’s resignation.

Will Wojciechowski resign? The declaration “for today” was made

Janusz Wojciechowski, in reference to, among others, to the words of the PiS leader and the Minister of National Defense, he was asked about his political future. The politician said he did not know whether Jarosław Kaczyński tried to contact him because he “did not look at his phone.” – I think it’s a matter of information about my activities. I will prepare this information. I think that in Poland too little is known about what I do in the European Commission and there is a need to present it more broadly – said the EU Commissioner for Agriculture on Polsat News.

Janusz Wojciechowski announced that he would not act under pressure. – I have very serious tasks ahead of me. We have a tense situation. There are farmers’ protests. Have you heard the voice of any agricultural organization in Poland or Europe that would demand my resignation? I haven’t heard it, said the EU Agriculture Commissioner. As he noted, “it separates the voice of politicians from the voice of farmers.” – We have difficult issues in agriculture, but I can handle these issues – he summed up.

The EU Commissioner for Agriculture was asked for a clear declaration whether, at Jarosław Kaczyński’s request, he would resign before the end of his term. – I will talk about this in a few days. I will present information about my activities, probably on Thursday. I don’t anticipate or plan any such decisions today, he replied.

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