Buzek about the lack of funds from the KPO. “There is no credibility…”

Buzek about the lack of funds from the KPO.  "There is no credibility..."

You cannot take seriously a government that does not keep its most important obligations – said Jerzy Buzek, KO MEP and former prime minister, in an interview for TVN24, referring to the issue of the current team obtaining funds from the KPO.

Jerzy Buzek, MEP of the Civic Coalition, was a guest of “Fakty po Faktach” on Monday. One of the topics of the conversation was KPO. The former prime minister referred to the voices of PiS politicians who claim that if the party wins the elections again, “the EU will finally surrender and will turn on the money tap again.” According to Buzek, “Law and Justice has no credibility in the European Union.”

Buzek about funds from the KPO. “Key for our economy…”

– They broke so many rules, they broke so many contracts signed, and above all, they broke the milestones set by the Prime Minister. Milestones are nothing more than the Polish government having agreed to certain solutions which it is not keeping at all. And you know, the government even admits that it does not meet the milestones. So you can’t take seriously a government that doesn’t keep its most important commitments – said the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland in 1997-2001.

According to Buzek, “only the opposition will have the opportunity to quickly reverse the KPO issue, including the structural, normal money that is supposed to flow to our country.” – I wish that every election winner could undo this, because we are suffering enormously today. Italians, Spaniards, even our neighbors Czechs and other countries use this money – said the TVN24 guest.

The former head of government emphasized that this money is “key for our economy, for entrepreneurs, for schools, hospitals, kindergartens, and above all for local governments.” – Local governments will not be able to finance investments. Today, local governments sign or apply for normal investment projects, and it is not known whether they will get returns, because if money from the EU does not come, local governments are at risk. And self-government is the basis of Polish development – Buzek said.

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