Allegro will check whether you have registered your PESEL number. The company informs about changes

Allegro will check whether you have registered your PESEL number.  The company informs about changes

From June 1, banks and companies selling in the installment system will be obliged to check whether customers have registered their PESEL number. If so, they will not be able to enter into a contract with them. Some changes are also waiting for Allegro customers.

From November 17, Poles can reserve their PESEL number. This is an introduction to a big change that will start on June 1: from that day, financial institutions will be obliged to check whether a given number has been blocked before making a transaction. If so, it will not be possible to conclude a contract. This is intended to protect against situations in which an unauthorized person concludes a contract on someone's behalf (e.g. a subscription contract, during which he receives a telephone) or takes out a loan. If they fail to fulfill their obligation and conclude a contract with a person who has reserved the PESEL number, then the owner of the withheld number will not have to repay the debt incurred by fraudsters.

This is an obligation for banks, loan and installment financing companies, telecoms – but also for all those that offer consumer credit. Allegro is one of them. The company sent an e-mail to users with information about what may change after June 1.

Changes in Allegro after June 1

“From June 1, 2024, certain provisions of the Act will come into force, which oblige us to verify whether buyers who activate Allegro Pay from June 1, 2024 have a proprietary PESEL number. The Act does not apply to persons who activated or will activate Allegro Pay before June 1, 2024,” informs the largest Polish sales website in its introduction.

What does this mean for customers?

  • If the customer has active Allegro Pay or activates it until May 31, 2024 inclusive, the act does not apply to him and nothing will change for him. Allegro will not verify whether the customer's PESEL number is reserved at the time of concluding a consumer loan agreement – i.e. when the customer pays for purchases with Allegro Pay, when he concludes an agreement consolidating several other agreements or when he changes the repayment terms.

  • If the customer activates Allegro Pay after May 31, 2024, Allegro will check whether his PESEL is protected. “We will do this during service activation and later – for example, during some purchases with Allegro Pay. We will not be able to conclude an Allegro Pay agreement with you if your PESEL number is confidential,” Allegro informs.

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