AI and drones will detect a fire instantly. A new system is being created in Cyprus

AI and drones will detect a fire instantly.  A new system is being created in Cyprus

A new system using AI, drones and 5G will soon protect forests in Cyprus. The Pyro Sense platform presented by Huawei and PROBOTEK allows you to detect danger in a few moments.

Just during the summer holidays, numerous and devastating fires hit the Mediterranean countries. Volunteer firefighters came from many European countries, and took part in firefighting operations, including: Polish rescuers also participated in Greece.

However, a fire that breaks out unexpectedly and in difficult-to-reach areas is sometimes difficult to detect using traditional methods until it is too late. However, the latest technology comes to the rescue.

Huawei helps detect fires in Cyprus – a modern system will use AI

As part of the “Smart & Green Village” program co-created by Huawei, an innovative forest fire detection system will be created in Cyprus. As the authors announce, it will use the latest technologies to save nature from the devastating element.

The PROBOTEK startup is responsible for the development and operation of the early warning system. It consists of locally located devices that detect changes in temperature or increases in CO2 concentration. In addition, the system includes monitoring from regular and thermal cameras, which are also placed on drones that patrol the designated area and confirm incidents at close range.

Data collected by sensors and cameras are processed by an AI system that distinguishes a fire from other local conditions and, if necessary, immediately notifies firefighters of the need for intervention. Remote operation of the entire system is possible thanks to the connection of sensors and drones with the 5G network provided in Cyprus by the Cyta operator.

Drones will detect fires in Cyprus – the 5G system will protect the National Park

The solution is being implemented in the Athalassa National Park, located near Nicosia. This is an extremely important area in terms of the environment, because on 840 hectares of land there are many endemic species and trees, shrubs and herbs typical of Cyprus.

– This initiative demonstrates Huawei’s high degree of sensitivity and active interest in protecting our forests and natural environment from fires. There is no room for complacency in the fight against fires, and more importantly, no one should be left out, emphasized Andreas Christou, deputy director general of the Cyprus Department of Forestry, during the presentation of the system.

The pioneering program was first introduced in Greece. Since last year, he has been monitoring the Syngros forest located in Attica, near the city of Kifisia. At that time, however, it was a much more pilot initiative, which included, among others: on devices intermediating communication between platform elements. What’s new in Cyprus is the use of 5G for direct communication of sensors and drones with the headquarters.

– Cyta’s 5G network will play a key role in the implementation of Huawei’s fire detection project. It provides high-speed, low-latency connectivity, which is essential for real-time data transmission and drone control. Looking to the future, the development of 5G opens up unlimited possibilities, from a revolution in responding to emergencies to powering smart cities – assured George Metzakis, commercial director of Cyta.

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