Elon Musk is ruining X/Twitter again. Pointless change of links

Elon Musk is squeezing money from Twitter.  Each user will pay

Elon Musk is being cursed by users for his recent change to X/Twitter. The application has changed the display of links and articles, which makes the website even less useful.

Recently, Twitter users have been clenching their fists and shaking their heads in disbelief. It’s all because of another move by Elon Musk, who made a silent change that significantly worsened the use of the application.

X/Twitter does not display links – images instead of headlines and information

Internet users using X woke up overnight without one of the basic elements of the entire website. So far, linking external materials or news articles inserted a card into the post where you could see the main photo, title and a sentence or two of the introduction. The painfully simple and standard system allowed us to quickly assess whether we wanted to open the link to learn more.

However, Elon Musk did not like the appearance of the card. The eccentric billionaire has already announced that the current links simply do not suit him, so they will disappear from the website. The word has been said and the change has now been implemented throughout the website. From now on, links only display the photo, which you can still click to go to the source.

Shortly after its introduction, it caused a lot of confusion and surprise on the platform because users did not know that they could click the photo. Then there was a huge wave of dissatisfaction among Internet users. Clicking on links is now like a lottery – if the post doesn’t explain the content, no one knows where they will be or what they will read about.

“I just love clicking on a stock image without having the slightest idea what the article is going to be about. Great job,” wrote The New York Times technology journalist Mike Isaac, just one of the dissatisfied voices.

Why have the links on Twitter changed? This is an “order straight from Musk”

Elon Musk proudly announced the current amendment in mid-August. What is the reason for this rather drastic and unpopular change? Well, the system that has been proven for years simply… did not suit the rich man visually.

According to the billionaire, the layout with the title and introduction cluttered the appearance of the application far too much. The entire change is carried out under the guise of a visual lift and getting rid of unnecessary accessories. “This is an order straight from me. It will significantly improve the aesthetics (of the app),” Musk insists in one of his posts on X.com.

Users are already speculating that the company owner may have a hidden agenda in this project. On paper, Internet users may, for example, click less on new links with unknown content, which would prevent them from leaving the application ecosystem and spending more time in it. However, the App has become much less useful, so users may as well use it less. How will the change affect X’s popularity? Time will tell.

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