A tragedy on an unguarded beach on the Baltic Sea. The tourist is dead

A tragedy on an unguarded beach on the Baltic Sea.  The tourist is dead

The raging Baltic Sea took a deadly toll over the weekend. On Sunday, there was a tragic accident on one of the beaches in Jastarnia. A 54-year-old man drowned when he was pulled out of the water. Despite resuscitation, he could not be saved.

He announced the incident via Twitter. Director of the Maritime Search and Rescue Service, Sebastian Kluska. The man noted that there were several dangerous accidents on the Hel Peninsula over the weekend, one of which ended tragically.

The 54-year-old was swimming at an unguarded beach in Jastarnia despite very bad weather conditions. On Saturday evening, at night and on Sunday, the Baltic Sea was agitated – strong winds blew, large waves formed. The tourist was pulled out of the water by other sunbathers, and lifeguards immediately started resuscitation. Unfortunately, despite the rapid action, the man did not survive.

A 54-year-old man drowned in the Baltic Sea

On Sunday at 3 p.m., police officers from Jurata received a notification that a resuscitation operation was underway on a nearby unguarded beach in Jastarnia. Unfortunately, despite the fact that the rescuers quickly helped the injured man pulled out of the Baltic Sea, the tourist did not survive.

“On the spot, the officers established that a 54-year-old man from the Opolskie Voivodeship was pulled out of the water by sunbathers, providing him with first aid, and the rescuers called to the scene undertook resuscitation. Despite the actions taken, the man could not be saved” – Asp. pcs. Joanna Samula-Gregorczyk, press officer of the District Police Commander in Puck.

Warnings for tourists. Bad sea conditions

This summer season, the police have already recorded 181 drownings. This is why officers regularly stress the importance of paying attention to warnings and messages. Red flags displayed on a given body of water indicate a categorical ban on swimming. It is also worth using the guarded beaches, where buoys are installed to mark safe places for swimming, and specialists are waiting on land ready to provide any assistance.

Sebastian Kluska, Director of the Maritime Search and Rescue Service, also reminds about the inappropriate behavior of tourists in social media.

“Do you really have to check that we go out in all weather?? Action 268. A drowning man in Jastarnia, one rescued, the other dead, now 269 Kuźnica – one rescued, the other searched under water, guess what the effect will be. what about you?? They’re declaring a storm everywhere!!” he wrote on Twitter.

Have you witnessed this type of dangerous situation on the Baltic Sea?

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