A PO MP asked who exercises executive power in Poland. There was a surprising answer

A PO MP asked who exercises executive power in Poland.  There was a surprising answer

Marcin Józefaciuk – PO MP – was asked by a reporter about who exercises executive power. The video is gaining popularity.

The MP, who ran in the October 15 elections from the 10th place on the Civic Coalition’s list in the Łódź district, was asked by a reporter of “Fakt” about “who has executive power in Poland.” The answer to this simple question was surprising.

The executive power? Józefaciuk: Sejm

According to MP Józefaciuk, the “Sejm” has it. After a while, the reporter informed the MP that he had made a mistake. – Oh, look. Legislative, executive and judicial power… – he listed, looking confused. After a moment’s thought, he answered correctly: “president.” It is worth recalling that legislative power is exercised by the Sejm and Senate, and judicial power by courts and tribunals.

The “Fakt” reporter did not give up and asked “who else” exercises executive power. – Ha… Well, you shot me here. Maybe a hint? – we hear. It is worth adding that earlier the reporter asked Józefaciuk whether he “has the appropriate competences to be an MP”, to which a member of the Education, Science and Youth Committee replied that “everyone has sufficient competences”. – I have a fine of PLN 9,000. people who voted for me – he added.

However, he did not answer the question completely correctly. In addition to the president, the Council of Ministers also has executive power in Poland, but after reflection, this was not said by the politician.

The PO MP reminds us of Winnie the Pooh Day

Recently, the vice-chairman of the Parliamentary Group for the Equality of the LGBT+ Community reminded from the parliamentary podium that on January 18, Winnie the Pooh Day is celebrated all over the world (although in Poland only a small group of enthusiasts remembers it) – which has also become popular.

– It is worth refreshing this reading and looking at it in a more philosophical way, looking into the heart for even more than 10 seconds – he encouraged those present in the room.

Another time he sparked a discussion when, in one of the photos with other MPs in the Sejm, he showed a gesture resembling that made by metal music fans. The PO MP responded to the situation, showing distance from himself.

“And I became a parliamentary Satanist. (…) The sign I am showing (in the popular photo – ed.) is an international sign sign meaning: I love you,” he explained at the time.

Józefaciuk played for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

Józefaciuk is loved by students in Poland (in the past he was, among others, the director of the Jan Kiliński School of Crafts in Łódź). He was involved in charity campaigns many times, including: collection for children suffering from cancer. To support fundraising, he took part in demanding ultramarathons.

This year, on the occasion of the 32nd Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, he ran for 16 hours and rode a bicycle for 16 hours to cover 601 km on the 601st anniversary of Łódź – Onet informs.

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