A classic of Polish motoring will go to auction. A large Fiat has low mileage and an astronomical price

A classic of Polish motoring will go to auction.  A large Fiat has low mileage and an astronomical price

Historic Polish cars are very popular not only among collectors. The amounts you have to pay for them are staggering. Cars from several decades ago cost several dozen thousand zlotys, and the most expensive ones are the price of new, luxury cars. Most of them find new buyers very quickly.

The area of ​​the former Passenger Car Factory in Warsaw’s Żerań district. In the near future, a gigantic housing estate for several dozen thousand people will be built there. Currently, it looks as if time stopped in this place several dozen years ago.

Drivers driving along Jagiellońska Street can admire the post-industrial buildings, which are an ideal setting for recording films from the previous era. It turns out, however, that the Żerań factory still attracts the attention of motoring enthusiasts. You can see and buy classic cars there, including large Fiats and Polonaises.

Car auctions. Motoring fans spend hours looking at classic cars

Both collectors and fans of vintage cars gather in large numbers in one of the buildings where the auction house is located. In the adjacent halls you can see iconic Polish and foreign cars. They dominated the country’s roads a few decades ago. For many drivers at that time, they were the object of unfulfilled dreams.

At first glance, you may get the impression that you are in the Museum of Technology or the Polish Automotive Industry. Fans of four wheels can spend hours looking at classic cars. Many of them ask not only about the technical data of historic cars, but also about every detail related to them, including the history of the vehicles.

Car auction. Fiat from 1981 has low mileage

The attention of many gathered people is attracted by a blue Fiat 125p. The car dates back to 1981, but according to the collected documentation, it was first registered in 1995. The large Fiat still has the original plates from that year in the former Tarnobrzeg Voivodeship. The vehicle was used sporadically until 2004, and its mileage is just over 1,200 km.

The Fiat has never been restored. Recently, only the steel rims and the muffler have been replaced – says Mateusz Kazula, sales director of Ardor Auctions in an interview with Wprost.pl. – The car is technically efficient. The current owner decided to put it up for auction because, as he said, he regrets driving such a well-maintained car, which is undoubtedly a typical collector’s item, almost a museum piece. – added.

Polish cars from several decades ago reach astronomical prices

The automotive classic will soon be auctioned. The starting price of a Fiat 125p from over four decades ago will be PLN 49,000. zloty. For collectors, each auction is a unique event. Many of them want to buy their dream classics, regardless of the price. This year, one of the large Fiats was auctioned for PLN 37,500. zloty. The car had only 6,000 miles. km mileage. It sat in the garage of a collector of Polish cars for 15 years.

The auction attracted huge interest. The situation was similar at several other auctions this year, where popular large Fiats were offered. In July this year, a brand new Polonaise with low mileage was put up for auction. A car from 1989 with wrapped seats was sold for PLN 115,000. PLN, which we wrote about in Wprost.pl. Less than two weeks ago, a Junak M10 from 1961 was auctioned. One of the customers paid a record amount of PLN 46,000 for it. zloty.

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