A big event in the technology industry. Artificial intelligence in the Polish version

A big event in the technology industry.  Artificial intelligence in the Polish version

The most important event in the IT sector may turn out to be a breakthrough for the entire technology industry. A native platform specializing in AI will enable domestic companies to use advanced technologies to develop their products. “Artificial intelligence has a chance to enter new and much faster tracks in Poland,” say experts.

On Wednesday, October 4, the SoDA Conference, one of the most important IT sector events in our country, will begin in Warsaw. This year’s edition, whose motto is “Shaping The Future – Polish IT in the era of changes”, may be a breakthrough in terms of the evolution of artificial intelligence in Poland.

Artificial intelligence. Few Polish companies use AI

According to many specialists, AI will soon be one of the most important technologies of the future. And the biggest driving force behind changes in the IT world. For now, we are far behind in Europe, as only some Polish companies use artificial intelligence to develop their products.

Although artificial intelligence has already become a permanent presence in many industries, and machines use complex calculations or advanced algorithms to transform business processes, only 15% of people use its technology and capabilities. native entrepreneurs. Another 13 percent intends to implement them by the end of this year. This is according to the “Business Digital Transformation Monitor” report prepared by KPMG in partnership with Microsoft.

Polish technology companies are joining forces. An AI platform is being created

The first step to improve these indicators has already been taken. Representatives of domestic technology companies decided to join forces to create a platform specializing in AI, which we wrote about recently in Wprost.pl. Polish specialists introduce us to the first report on artificial intelligence, “AI in the public sector”. They will also answer many questions that raise concerns among employees.

There will be one panel discussion at the conference “AI in practice: case studies of successful implementation and discovering niches for artificial intelligence” and two lectures will be delivered on the future of work in the IT industry and the creation of systems based on artificial intelligence. Experts will explain how to optimally use the new opportunities provided by technology and minimize the impact of negative factors on the development of Polish IT.

Artificial intelligence. Debate on the Polish dimension of AI

During the conference, representatives from the technology industry from Poland and around the world will talk about possible change management strategies in the IT sector and the industry’s prospects for next year. Experts will address issues related to various areas of activity, including: business development and revenue generation and human capital management. During this event, there will also be topics related to new opportunities and challenges resulting from the popularization of AI and expansion into the American, German and Scandinavian markets.

According to Bartosz Majewski, founder of SoDA and president of Codibly, the IT industry is extremely receptive to market changes. – For this reason, over the years we have learned to be flexible and quickly adapt to new things – he says in an interview with Wprost.pl. – At the conference we will talk, among others: about how to find your way in times of crisis and uncertainty – he adds.

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