The most powerful computer in the world is being built in Europe. This is JUPITER

The most powerful computer in the world is being built in Europe.  This is JUPITER

JUPITER – this is the name of a powerful supercomputer that is being built in Germany and has a chance to become the most powerful unit of this type in the world.

Advanced calculations and simulations that will be able to be handled by the JUPITER supercomputer, which is being built in Europe, have so far only been possible to perform on several of the most powerful machines located in the United States and China. The Old Continent has not yet been able to boast of this type of vessel, but Jupiter is about to change everything.

The JUPITER supercomputer is scheduled to be operational in 2024

Interestingly, as expected, we will not have to wait long for the JUPITER supercomputer to start working. The machine is to be put into operation by the end of 2024 and will support the first exascale computing system, allowing for modeling the behavior of objects that are yet to be built, such as thermonuclear reactors.

JUPITER is an acronym for Joint Undertaking Pioneer for Innovative and Transformative Exascale Research. Europe’s first supercomputer – which, as you can see, has an appropriately impressive full name – will be built at the Jülich Supercomputer Center in Germany, thanks to the involvement of the EuroHPC JU organization, supported by the European Union and a consortium of private companies.

Supercomponents of a supercomputer

JUPITER is to be based on custom chips based on the ARM architecture, composed of approximately 6,000 computing nodes. The whole thing is to be supported by super-efficient Nvidia GH100 computing units, with Nvidia Grace CPU cores and the Hopper graphics system. Each such node will contain four sets of GH200 superchips, or 288 ARM cores.

The total cost of building and using the JUPITER supercomputer for three years will be approximately EUR 500 million, of which as much as EUR 100 million will cover the cost of electricity consumption alone.

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