Biedronka and Lidl buy plastic bottles. How much can you earn?

Biedronka and Lidl buy plastic bottles.  How much can you earn?

For several months, mysterious machines have appeared in some Lidl and Biedronka stores, which have never been seen in our country before. It is already known that these are special machines for recycling plastic beverage containers.

Bottle recycling at Lidl

In an interview with Zielona Interia, Aleksandra Robaszkiewicz from Lidl Polska explained that the purpose of gradually introducing these machines to subsequent stores in Poland is to test the deposit system. Customers can return plastic bottles to these machines and in return receive a discount coupon that can be used on subsequent purchases.

– The aim of the test is to learn about the deposit system from the operational side. First of all, we want to check the operation of machines, the demand for space in the store, the logistics of waste collection, IT solutions, as well as the time and scope of store reconstruction and recycler service, said Aleksandra Robaszkiewicz.

How much can you earn for returning bottles?

In return for each bottle returned to such a “bottle machine”, the customer can count on a 5 cents discount, which will be deducted from his/her shopping bill. As you can easily calculate, to receive a discount of PLN 5, you would need to place exactly 100 bottles in such a machine. This rate is to be increased in the future, and for now the program of introducing “bottle machines” to the stores of popular chains is of a pilot nature.

Innovative “bottle machines” are part of European efforts to promote ecology and encourage customers to recycle. These are also the first preparations for new regulations in this area, which will enter into force on January 1, 2025 and will introduce the deposit system known from other EU countries to stores in Poland.

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